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Thread: 7/26 show discussion thread **spoilers**

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    It really was funny how she said that everything Rocky did or said seemed to be straight from a soap opera, and then they showed various clips in slow motion with dramatic music in the background. ROTFL.

    My guess is she'll pick the Hunk yet again, yet break down in tears when she tells Nathan how very special he is, how he'll meet a great girl, blah, blah, blah. That's probably why they're showing the finale on a whole different night from when the show is usually on. I know they've done that with Survivor, but with dating shows, they've usually kept the finale on the same week-night as the regular shows.

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    It just sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yup, with donuts!!

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    Why, why, why do I keep watching this show when I already know it's going to end exactly like all of the others have.

    And why, why, why - if the point is supposed to be charm winning out over looks (which has yet to happen obviously) - did they take 4 of the "joes" and completely change their looks? Sure they all ended up looking better on the outside, but so what?

    Between the makeovers to turn the joes into supposedly "better" people who were more deserving of Anna's attention - to the most obnoxious group of hunks imaginable, this season has me totally baffled.
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    denise xx
    I guess you're right, Tayven, Rocky has the winner's edit. :| I think she picked Nathan because he didn't seem to be drooling over her as much as the other guys. But it certainly seems like she will pick Rocky in the end. Or maybe she'll pick Nathan because of Rocky's "cheating past", out of principle. I sure wouldn't pick Rocky if I found out he had cheated on his last girlfriend! If life has taught me anything, it's that people are sickeningly predictable, and seem to make the same mistakes again and again. Blah. I guess they were trying to make her picking Rocky seem like the longshot- but it just looks like they have nothing in common except she's like, in lust with them. Grr

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    I, too, think Nathan has a chance. I was a little bewildered at the crass way they talked the Joes into getting remade-I thought she'd take all of them with her to her wonderful vacation spot. I liked Jesus the best. It seems the Joes, while a little inexperienced, have the most well-rounded selves. I like inexperience-teach the right way-my way!!

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    Which way to the betting pool?

    This clearly isn't a class act show like the Bachelor/ette and I never thought a "happily ever after" scenario was intended as the end result. Anna just needs to decide what type of man she wants to take with her on a mini vacation, before dumping him forever. Does she want someone that she can kiss and carry on an intelligent conversation with or someone that she can kiss and help practice his lines?

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    To me, the dilemma (for viewer purposes only, because I seriously doubt Ana cares for either of these guys beyond a good make-out session w/ Rocky and perhaps a fondness for Nathan as a friend) is, should she go for the "hot" chemistry w/ nothing in common when they open their mouths to SPEAK!! Or should she give a sweet, sensitive guy like Nathan a chance? Personally, I hope that she doesn't get Nathan's hopes up only to dump him for "hot sexy" himbo, and I hope he uses his new found confidence to find a girl who will be more genuine and compatible.
    I hope Ana gets a soap opera gig out of this because she'd be perfect for that form of acting (and I'm only being partly facetious about this!! )
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    Quote Originally Posted by MajiH
    What a stupid bimbo. She picks the least appropriate hunk and then dumps the nicest Joe. *shakes head* I could care less who wins.
    I could not agree more. I was sooo enthusiastic about this for weeks before it aired, and now I feel so deflated - as always when I watch this or any Bachelorette/Bachelor series. Always! Why do I subject myself?

    The only thing I can hope for (and I still hate her hair) is that she gets in touch with either Josh Nachlas (so cute) or Arthur Apicella (so fun) afterwards and says, "Look, you know I had to do that for the show, right?" and ends up with one of them.

    I always end up with a bad taste after watching Larissa, Marissa, whatever her name was, what was the other one, and this Anna.

    I loved, though, the way Arthur would say her name in any context. "ANNA" in that tone.

    I hate it and I'll be watching again, of course.

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    This show seems the most contrived of all the "Joe" shows. The ending to this one was totally unbelievable. She's just like all the other pretty 'bimbo's' from previous shows - she seriously has the hots for Rocky but she will pick Nathan, with whom she has no chemistry whatsoever??? At least with the previous shows it was more or less expected that the girl would pick the hunk - at least that made the show believeable - with this one she spends hardly any time at all with Nathan - even gives him the boot once - and then ends up picking him?? It would have been more believable if she had chosen one of the joes she hadn't previously eliminated. This show was pretty lame.

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