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Thread: 7/26 show discussion thread **spoilers**

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    I can't believe above average Josh is gone. He seemed so sincere and I thought he had the best chance of all of the Joes. I also can't believe Anna chose Rocky over the other Josh. Josh was the "hunk" I liked the best. I'm sure she will have a relationship/friendship with him after the show since they have so many mutual friends in Las Vegas. I noticed she has a link on her website to his website. Some people think Nathan needs to get rid of the earrings, but they look like the type they call "plugs". That type of piercing has very large holes so the earrings will be staying. Hopefully he will stay with this size earrings and won't go for the larger plugs! I feel happy for Nathan because he is looking very cute and has an obvious increase in his self confidence. I hope he shows the charm in the final episode the promos were talking about!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynne
    Isn't it illegal to take coral? Maybe that gift wasn't so great after all, lol.

    Good point....I thought it was illegal to take coral too. Where are the police when you need them.

    She doesn't seem to have a fantastic "connection" with either of the 2 remaining guys, so yet another dating show that will probably result in the "couple" dating for a couple weeks or so and then calling it quits.
    As has been proven in the past, none of the women involved in these series have shown any connection, other than physical, to the hunks that they chose.[I guess Larissa is still with Gil] And as much as Anna/NBC set up the Rocky date to appear to have "dead air" spots, you could make the arguments for the gazeathon by Nathan on his date as well.

    To tell you the truth, the entire series of dates was uncomfortable to watch..from Rocky's "I Wanna Be A Soap Star" to Arthur's Date of The Century (or at least the date of his lifetime). I just got a huge FAKED ACTING vibe from almost everyone.
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    Yah this season seemed way more staged than the others so I just end up laughing while they are 'crying'. I am sure she picked the guys with the least strings so when she hooked up with her TRUE love (aka the producer), they won't be as devesatated.

    That's my theory anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by denise xx
    i can't believe she picked rocky when she said
    a) he was a dreamer, she was practical- and she didn't like that?
    b) there were all these awkward silences
    c) it was like he was acting in a soap opera..

    and the only connection she felt was him was kissing him. she's so dumb..
    Yeah, but isn't that what's commonly known in reality TV circles as 'the winner edit'? They only show the hardships and criticisms the winner has to overcome in order to succeed, or whatever? They'll show how much Ana really really liked Josh and Josh and Arthur and then we're all surprised at the dramatic conclusion when Josh and Josh and Arthur are eliminated!!!!, and it builds up suspense because wow, in this crazy crazy season where so much unexpected has happened, anything could happen next!. Or, y'know, that's what the producers are shooting for.

    Back when Rocky had his first date with her and all she could say was 'Oh we had this great physical connection BUT he isn't a match for me because of this and this and this...' I thought, oh man, she's going to pick him at the end. After date with Joe after Joe, she's never told the camera all the reasons why the Joe isn't necessarily right for her. She didn't even tell the camera that she still had reservations about Carson -- from the edit we got, she was all, 'Oh, wow, he's so much more of a deep and real person than I thought!'. Rocky's getting the winner edit.

    And let me say -- ugh.

    On the other hand, she said something very telling last night. She told Nathan that his date was 'a breath of fresh air.' Nathan talked to her some about himself, his plans for the future, who he was. Did you notice how every other date, even the hunks, had nothing to say but 'omg Ana you are so beautiful and this is the most perfect moment of my life but it doesn't come close to matching your beauty and I will remember the beauty of this moment and the beauty of this perfect woman I have found for the rest of my life because wow you are so beautiful and' good god, guys, shut the hell up, there is only so much of that any sane human being can listen to! I mean, how many of you guys wanted to reach in and smack them and show them how it's done? How many women wanted to just yell at them and make them stop already?

    It was like, there wasn't anything for Ana to do on those dates but stand there and practice her 'radiantly rapt' gaze, to be used when starring in her upcoming Tom Cruise movie (she thinks!!!). With Nathan, at least he had something to say and had a little confidence now, so was saying it. Good for him. Doubt he'll beat beefcake, but I think he did well.


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    What a stupid bimbo. She picks the least appropriate hunk and then dumps the nicest Joe. *shakes head* I could care less who wins.

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    I think Nathan was quiet, but he's been the one writing letters and pouring his thoughts, ideas, romance, and soul into them...and letting Anna know more about him than can be shown on camera. Remember Trista and Ryan?? The letters and poems were the ticket...and almost everyone was hoping for Ryan, but picking Charlie based on the edit. So, maybe we will get our wish this time...

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    No reason to feel sorry for Nathan if he doesnt get picked next week. The guy has come a long way. He seems like an absolute sweet heart. If he lost the glasses and a little baby fat on the face he would pretty much be as good looking as anybody on the show. He will meet a nice girl and live happily ever after when the show is done. Same for Josh N.

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    Ugh I might forget to watch the finale tonight. I think NBC just wants to get this over with. I don't know what the point of having a finale even is. It's pretty obvious that the producers have already told her who to pick and they were over after the cameras stopped rolling. Poor Nathan. It was such a set-up when he got rejected and then she asked him back and he made it in the final two. I feel bad for him because he seems like a great guy. I hope by now he has found a real genuine sweet girl and not just some fake girl with her SAG card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elainica
    0 for 4 for the Joes.

    That's all she wrote, folks.

    I will be telling my grand kids while they're watching "Average Joe 107: The Joes try and try again" that I was watching the first ones way back when.

    Im STILL laughing at that.............oh dear......*wipes tears*
    He will meet a nice girl and live happily ever after when the show is done. Same for Josh N.
    Yes......and I'll be Josh's nice girl!!!

    NFL1 So, maybe we will get our wish this time...
    Well......I cant even imagine them airing this show if she picks a "hunk"....... i mean....Isnt the point to see looks vs. charm or whatever? And another point is that some people are shallow.....but some would go with the "average" guy.....why even show this show if the point is never proven?
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    Pardon my naivete, but these days I desperately need to believe in something, and I want to believe that Anna really does like Nathan. I certainly like him (in fact, he may even replace Adam as my all-time favourite Joe) and honestly, the interaction between the two of them last night seemed a lot more *real* than anything with the other joes or hunks.

    I'm thinking that Nathan is definitely her pick. They wouldn't have edited Rocky in that terribly mean - though hysterically funny - way (the vacant stare, the soap opera music) if he was the winner. I hope.
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