“You have to be persistent when you screw up as much as I do.”

ANNA calls Rocky, “Intimidating.”

Rocky, 25, splits his time between Los Angeles and Las Vegas where he works as a bartender and model.

How would you describe your ideal woman?
My ideal women is honest, intelligent,and joyful. She is compassionate, charismatic, and knows what is important in life.

What is the perfect first date?
A perfect date has the exact balance of nerves and comfort. It’s marked by great conversation and a hopeful silence. You fall into the moment and break only to daydream about the possibilities. A date that ends with hours of contemplating what the future holds for you. Laughing, bonding, and excitement. Location is unimportant when it’s with the right person.

What is something about you that people might be surprised to find out?
My favorite type of music is the Blues. I love to go to blues bars and just listen. I attempted to learn blues rifts on the guitar, but I am no Clapton that’s for sure.

What is your most unique quality?
I think it’s fairly rare how adaptable I am. I love change as much as one can.I live for experience and often change settings on a whim.

How would your best friend describe you?
I called, he didn't answer.I believe he would say I am fun-loving, adventurous, and a little bit of a dreamer. I will withdraw what bad qualities he might add.

What was your worst dating experience ever?
I went on blind date as a favor for my best friend Zack. One of those double dates she can't go unless you find someone for her snotty friend, things. My date and I were exact opposites. She hated me from the first moment and would not stop telling me about it. To make a bad situation worse she left her lipstick in my truck, and it melted onto the seat.