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Thread: Greg (Hunk)

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    Greg (Hunk)

    ANNA calls Greg, A gentleman.

    Greg lives in California where he works as a model/actor.

    How would you describe your ideal woman?
    Someone who is not only beautiful on the outside but also poses beauty on the inside. She must be honest, caring, loving, sweet compassionate and most of all have a great sense of humor.

    What is the perfect first date?
    I don't think that you can plan a perfect date, it just happens. It is the person that you are with that makes it perfect or not. You could be caught in a rain storm, soaking wet outside but if you are with the right person it could be the most romantic and best date ever.

    What is something about you that people might be surprised to find out?
    That I am very empathetic, that I really feel other peoples emotions.

    What is your most unique quality?
    My ability to relate to people no matter what their position in life is. From the head Ceo to the janitor I think that we can learn from everybody.

    How would your best friend describe you?
    Easy going nice guy who likes to have a good time and enjoys being around people.

    What was your worst dating experience ever?
    I really don't have one.

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    ahhh Greg. We hardley knew ye. See ya at the "gun" show.

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