" I know [Anna and I] have chemistry."

ANNA says Brad has a “great smile.”

Brad is 22, lives in Florida and is a freelance graphic designer.

How would you describe your ideal woman?
My perfect woman is a conversationalist who is witty with her words, energetic, empathetic, athletic & competitive, confident and comfortable in her own skin. I'm most attracted to blue eyes & blonde hair coupled with a great sense of humor.

What is the perfect first date?
My idea of a perfect date is set in a location inviting to open conversation. The atmosphere is inviting and non-intrusive. We would talk for hours without a moment of the encounter seeming like an interview. The asthetic specifics of the surroundings would not matter, and the location of the date is muted by the infinite possibilities of what may happen next constantly racing through my head.

What is something about you that people might be surprised to find out?
Most people may be surprised to find out that I can wiggle my eyes extremely fast.

What is your most unique quality?
My most unique quality is my conscious decision to be unfaltering in my honesty.

How would your best friend describe you?
My friends would describe me as happy-go-lucky, fun-loving and confident.

What was your worst dating experience ever?
Well,where should I start with this one...I went on a first date and ended up expressing to her that I didn't enjoy her negativity. She understood and seemed passionate that she would thwart her constant complaining. For the second date we went out for a bite to eat. The overbearing complaining still took place. When she went to the bathroom I called some friends, agreed to meet them out at a local bar and then paid the bill. Upon her return I gave her $20 and asked the waitress to call a cab for her. Guys night out!