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Thread: 7/12 show discussion thread **spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by GingerLVNV
    What? A reality show that is scripted??

    The horror.
    I have never seen one manipulated to this ridiculous degree though. And still people get sucked in and really believe the hunks are evil and the Joes are sweet. Yowza.

    Survivor, Project Runway and The Apprentice can boast a clean effort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogbat
    Dante is a SAG card holder doing the audition circuit. Igor was as well. The hunks were gathered through their agents. They have been asigned roles in this half scripted half improv show.

    Their jobs or backgrounds have NOTHING to do with who she chooses or why. She chooses no one, production does. She is on there for exposure and probably has a SAG card as well. She is also probably a very nice woman. No reason one has to be wrong or devious to audition for a reality show. It is part of the business to get exposure any way you can and take any thing you can get in the begining.
    Dogbat, I was thinking along the same lines. All of "hunkheads" are models/wannabe actors and are on this show for one reason only..... self promotion.

    Also, the majority of the "joes" are either actors (Dante, Gino, Igor, Chuck) or in it for self promo/fun (Matt, Jason, Nathan - love these guys as they honestly admitted this in threads on this and other boards). Dante was just waaayyy too much in his "acting" crazy for the hunkheads. Let's see, he has portrayed the poor misunderstood soul, the laid back gentle sensitive soul, the leader take charge soul, the angry outraged soul, the underdog victim soul, the retaliating "I've had enough bullying" soul - how many "souls" does this man have. He's just run the gamut of an audition for any talent scouts watching. Coincidence that Anna kept him so he could portray all these emotions.... not! The NBC producers just love this guy - prime material to add drama to this show.

    Anna is also in that category of model/actress so her main goal in this is ..... you got it, self promotion. She may very well be a sweet, down to earth person but her agenda is to get her face known. I was kind of enjoying watching her interaction with the "joes" as the acting was not too blatant. But watching the last episode and her scripted date with Rocky, this was just too much. The hot tub scene was so over the top in blatant scripting. It belonged in one of the soap operas. I was apalled that NBC would think the viewing audience is gullable enough to buy into the "reality tv" of this show.

    Come on now, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

    I am even growing tired of watching this "reality tv" scripted show, as NBC is pushing the envelope in promoting this as reality. In effect, it is a program that doesn't have to hire actors - just recruit wannabes. The only reality there may be is that a couple of the "joes" were actually non-actors when they signed up for this.

    As for who Anna chooses in the end, it's whoever the producers think will promote the best tv......

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    Great post proudnewf,
    I think Anna will end up with a hunk.
    I had a hard time watching this the other night.
    The way the hunks threw the stuff out of the rooms and their complete disrespect for the Joe's.
    I hated the school theme and all that went with it.
    I will watch the rest of this train wreak, but I do believe if they have another season of this show, I will not be watching.
    I got better things to do. I think. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogbat
    And still people get sucked in and really believe the hunks are evil and the Joes are sweet.
    But Dogbat, the hunks are evil!

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    The hunks seem like arsholes because the producers they were chosen to be that. I am sure they picked these hunks because they are arrogant, muscular and airheads. They are just being themself in the mansion. The same goes with the joes. They are chosed to be on the show because they are nice guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by proudnewf
    But watching the last episode and her scripted date with Rocky, this was just too much. The hot tub scene was so over the top in blatant scripting. It belonged in one of the soap operas.
    Hee! Precisely, proudnewf! And on that note, I'm going to go out on a limb and speculate that next week's philandering horndog will be none other than...Ta Tada Daaa...ROCKY!

    Oh, the shock, horror, humilation and tears! In true soap fashion, Anna will learn the awful truth about her "amazing connection", and she will fall into the consoling arms of a nice, sympathetic "Joe" (probably Josh), and cry on his shoulder for about a minute and a half before rewarding him for his kindness with a round of tongue-hockey. You heard it here first, folks!
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    How about an ala 'Joe Millionaire' sound effects as in "Ahhhhh. Mwhah. Mmmmmm. Mmmmmm. "smack, smack, giggle, smack, smack, mmmmm, lick, gag. "I think it'll work better if we lie down", smack, slurp, slurp, smack, giggle, lick, lick, slurp, slurp, slurp, owlk! gag! gulp. gulp. gulp. aaahhh!"

    and speaking of actors:

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