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Thread: 7/05 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogbat
    The producers are not only controlling who goes, Dante is playing a role, for heaven sakes. Igor, our boy who eats dinners the size of mufflers, only had a bit part but did it well.

    "She" will get rid of some "mean hunks" next week. A "sensitive" hunk will emerge in another week or two, a threat to the leading Joe, of course. They will both lose their hearts to Anna propelling us to the "tear jerking" end where Anna leaves with a Joe for the first time in history.

    See? No need to watch any more. Now you can go rent Mork and Mindy.
    Love your insights Dogbat. Have been reading your comments in the different threads and you are right on. NBC should just have changed the title of this "reality tv"cough, cough, choke.... show from Average Joe to give it a soapopera name "Twists of the Mind". They have been able to produce an evening "soap" without having to pay the actors big money. I read Matt's comments in his thread and he confirmed the contrived nature of the show right down his opinion of Anna's real motives. As far as "reality" goes it's all in the mind of the viewer. Wonder why NBC waited a year to air this particular show..... hmmmm! wonder what happened in between taping and airing to cause the delay? And if anyone thinks Anna is still with her chosen "joe", ha, ha, ha, ha (I am rolling on the floor). Yeah, I will keep watching for the entertainment in between my viewing of Mork and Mindy. After all this is the summer doldrum season for tv..... I tend to get desperate in my program choices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AshleyPSU
    I suppose I might jump on the Josh train also, I'm probably the last one so I guess that makes me the caboose? haha.
    Climb Aboard! It's filling up fast.

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