I just read all 11 pages of this; I had to catch up quickly before tomorrow night (or before my kid gets back on the computer). Matt, sorry you're gone - maybe she didn't like the glass eye (just kiddin'). Anyone from the Midwest is a friend o'mine, and I enjoy your commentary.

This eyebrowed magician: horrible. His makeover? Listen, right after he got his brows waxed, they looked just 2% different, then cutting to further along in the makeover, it looked as if they'd grown back into the "V" points again already. ^ ^ The most obvious thing was never fixed on him: the forehead. You could fit a Third World country on that forehead, and they did nothing about it.

I was thinking that Dante was a plant/actor as well. The glasses, the leotard, the crying...I dunno. We'll see. Sometimes I really just like to go with the flow and not speculate.

Art: I hope he gets the bags under the eyes removed whether he stays or not.

The only thing I've disliked about Anna is the way she kept saying, "This is ridiculous!" when referring to the nice yacht, etc. She just said it too many times in too short a time and it annoyed me. Other than that she's adorable and I like her. So far.

I'm trying to understand the little "uniforms" that the ex-AJs at the pep rally had on. Why couldn't they wear regular clothing?