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    Quote Originally Posted by mbcrowder
    I think she's far more genuine than either Melanomia or Larissa. If it's an act, she's got me fooled.

    On the other hand... good God, woman! Bachelor Bob kissed less people than Anna, and was lambasted for it. She seems to have no problem pretty much mugging down with anyone.
    Anna indicates real feeling and respect for the Joes, which Blob never showed his bachelorettes. It doesn't look like she's forcing it, and I get the distinct impression she's generous with the smooches because she likes the guys, not because she wants to get into their pants. Maybe not like like them, but a genuinely friendly feeling towards them, anyway.

    Yeah, yeah, I know she's an actress. But I find it impossible to hate her, probably because she's completely unlike her AJ predecessors. She's...nice. Probably too nice to make a go of it in show business. Hope she grabs that white picket fence opportunity with Nathan.
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    I really liked her and how she was portrayed. That being said..........she definitely wanted to get into the pants of the "Joe" that she did not select! Glad she didn't pick him; he would have been a poor choice.
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