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Thread: Anna

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    Quote Originally Posted by museumguy
    A show business entrepreneur who doesnt read Variety.....How could you not know about Average Joe.....Its been an entertainment joke since its inception......
    With the amount of work listed and the nature of it, it is well within reason that she would not follow week-to-week tv shows, especially reality. Season 1 and 3 were only 6 and 4 episodes so 'easy come easy go'

    Not to be too harsh, but out of 281 million people, only about 20 million (max.) watched any of the shows... she just happened to be in the majority... quite average really

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    Looks like Feria on that head.

    While they're doing the makeovers, fix the nose, hon. I bet she can touch the tip of it with her tongue easily. Eyebrows too close to eyes. Endoscopic browlift needed.

    I hope she doesn't have a real thick accent where they're running subtitles across the bottom of the screen.

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    some people do have that natural hair color.

    but she looks fat in that shirt, is she plus sized?

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    is it just me

    or is she not as hot as larissa/melania?

    dont get me wrong, she's pretty, but i thought the other two were way hotter

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    Yea.. I don't believe that she didn't have a clue about AJ. We have members of the Fort with full blown schedules in college and manage to catch every single reality show there is. Besides, after signing on.. I'm sure her friends were grilling her about WHAT show it was...and therefore, told her about it.
    She was entirely too giddy (hidden camera on boat) when she was talking about the guys with the producers. If she didn't have a clue, I'm sure she probably would have pulled a Larrissa (was it her?) who ran off into the desert. Oops.. Anna would have jumped plank I mean.

    I'm not totally liking this drama-queen right now. I mean.. comeon, WHO, I repeat, WHO cries over a master bedroom on a luxury boat?? I don't care if you were born in Poland, to cry over a big room is plain ole drama-queen antics.

    She'll definately go for the hunk.
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    life that which is unnoticed has the most power.

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    After finally watching the first episode, I actually liked Anna. She's as real as a reality-bimbo can get. I found her sweet. I hope she doesn't do something to change my mind.

    Even Fredo said the producers interfere, so I imagine lots of what she does is "scripted".

    I still like her though. And I think she's stunning.

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    She is on here for exposure. That is fine. She has chosen her role. Sweet, simple girl, compassionate and caring. She wants to walk away with a good image. OK. Nothing wrong with that. I don't expect to see a genuine reaction from her in all situations.

    Tearing up when she said good bye to one of them was not authentic. She pushed that too soon.

    She would look much better as a blonde or her natural color. Her skin tone does not go with any red. I have never cared for that particular shade either. She is cute though.

    Matt is posting in his thread and he said that all the men, except himself, did not know they were auditioning for this show. He applied so he knew. I can't remember the exact details but check it out. The came to an open casting call and were given a false show name.

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    I actually thought she was really fake. Right now, I think she's going to go for a hunk.
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    -- Jerry Seinfield

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    Yea.. I don't believe that she didn't have a clue about AJ.
    Hmmm, maybe we should start calling her Yoko Anna? Definite phony.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JR.
    Hmmm, maybe we should start calling her Yoko Anna? Definite phony.
    I totally agree.... sounds like shes just trying to get some more camera time...

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