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Thread: Jason

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    "Dating and relationships have never been a priority in my life."

    ANNA calls Jason, "Innocent"

    Jason is 22 and is a law student in Atlanta, Georgia.

    How would you describe your ideal woman?
    There are, of course, the qualities that everyone looks for, i.e., physical beauty, sense of humor, intelligence, etc. My ideal woman would also be patient, understanding, and independent. I like when a woman can banter with me, meaning she's not overly sensitive and won't get upset if I tease her a bit and can even dish a little back herself. My ideal woman would also enjoy sports, like to cook, and keep physically active.

    What is the perfect first date?
    I think a great first date is a ballgame followed by dinner and drinks. A ballgame is a good casual atmosphere where we would have entertainment, but also get a chance to talk and get to know each other. If things go well, we would then move on to a more intimate setting with dinner and drinks where we could get a more romantic feel for each other and have a better idea whether we want to turn it into something or go the friendship route.

    What is something about you that people might be surprised to find out?
    I think that most people would be surprised to find out that I don't date very much. I'm confident, good with people, and don't have much trouble meeting women.

    What is your most unique quality?
    I'd say my most unique quality is my openness to change and improve, while still staying true to myself. I'm good at realizing my faults and adjusting, so that I'm always working on my shortcomings. I know I'm not perfect, so when someone has criticism for me, I do my best to take it to heart and see if I can't use it to make myself a better person.

    How would your best friend describe you?
    My best friend would probably start by telling you that I'm always willing to bend over backwards for my friends; when someone is in need, I'm as reliable and dependable a person as there is and always keep a cool head. My best friend would say that I'm smart and funny and clever, but that combination can get me in trouble at times. Finally, my best friend would say that I'm just an all-around good person that is a lot of fun to be around.

    What was your worst dating experience ever?
    When I was a freshman in college, I was really shy with women. There was a girl in my Ethics class that seemed to have it all - she was really sweet, interesting, and probably the most beautiful girl I'd seen on campus. After a semester and a half, I finally got up the nerve to ask her out, and she said yes. This was my first ever real date, and I decided we should go on a picnic in the park. It quickly became apparent that she wasn't very interested in being there. I tried to strike up a conversation and received little more than uninterested, curt answers to my questions, and few of the jokes I made were received with any semblance of laughter. As much as I liked her and as attractive as she was, my nerves and inexperience definitely got the best of me on that occasion, and I was very relieved when I finally walked her back to her dormitory.
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    some one should tell him to save baseball for a later date......but the whole public places ideal may have some merit.....

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    He's cute, but I think he maybe too young for Anna.

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    Cute...does he wax his eyebrows though?
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    seems very sweet - he's so pale he's almost see-through though

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    He looks like my friend's 16 year old. Something just not right about that.
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    Eternal Joy
    Seems sweet but that's it. Not very attractive to me at least.

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    in the kitchen, darling!
    " I look like Nigella Lawson with a $#*!ing hangover."

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    He looks like some of the boys at my daughter's high school (even though he's older than that).

    Crest Whitestrips and a buzzcut or whatever it's called.

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    Quote Originally Posted by waywyrd
    Cute...does he wax his eyebrows though?
    Either that or they've been professionaly shaped. He seems like a nice guy.

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