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Thread: Josh

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    Josh was my match, too..He's so cute so I'm going for him!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by snoopy
    In my humble opinion, Josh is far from an Average Joe. He has the sexiest square jaw, no weak chin there! And his job--- well, that should be any woman's dream for a lifemate-he sees terminal patients on a daily basis- this is one man who's reminded constantly that every minute counts, and has learned that you can't take loved ones for granted. THAT is the perfect man.
    I agree snoopy. Josh is far from average.

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    I was sad to see Josh lose out all though I really like Nathan a lot too. I think Anna's comments were actually probably pretty spot on concerning why she let him go. Josh will find someone at least as good as Anna anyway. He definitely was the most attractive man on the show in my opinion. If he was six foot tall and didnt wear glasses he would have never been chosen for this show period.
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    Yah...I wanted her to pick Josh....but Im happy for Nathan...Good luck to Nathan!

    And on the bright side....now I can have Josh!! (see? EVERY cloud has a silver lining!!!)

    And tonight she's going to scream your name from the highest rooftop
    Because for the first time in her life, she's not afraid to fall in love

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