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Thread: Matt

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShootingBlanks
    I also don't have a glass eye (figured I should clear that up right away too!)....
    Well, as long as you don't have a glass jaw either you should survive The Fort just fine. Thanks for all the great scoop!

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    Quote Originally Posted by queenb
    Cursing doesn't stink,at least...I'm in the category with AJane and Texi...if I were younger, this guy would have fallen in love with me, except I can do the thing now and then, for sure!
    Well, I don't smoke and I do curse, but for a man to desire that in a woman just sounds strange to me.

    And Matt, I will have to see you on TV and I'll let you know if I still think you have a glass eye.

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    Hey Matt! sorry you didn't make it very far! did you not 'connect' with Anna!?!?!?! she did seem a bit taller than you, but honestly, you are one of the better looking guys in the group.

    so, once they send you away on that lovely bus, where do you go? do they send you home right away? inquiring minds want to know!

    it's really perennialprincess, there just wasn't enough space to fit it all in!

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    Quote Originally Posted by perennialprince
    so, once they send you away on that lovely bus, where do you go? do they send you home right away? inquiring minds want to know!
    I was wondering that also. Is there a "loser lodge" for the Average Joes?

    I couldn't believe she cut you so early Matt. Perhaps she needs glasses.

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    in the kitchen, darling!
    *stumbles into this thread* Geesh the things I miss. Welcome Matt aka ShootingBlanks!

    A hearty 'Thank You' for your insight. I don't find it spoilerish in the least, but what do I know?! It's very refreshing to read some honest reasons for why anyone would go on a reality tv show aimed at that thing we call "Love".
    " I look like Nigella Lawson with a $#*!ing hangover."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texicana
    *stumbles into this thread* Geesh the things I miss.
    Me too Texi. I didn't know Matt was a FORTer until someone mentioned it last night in the show discussion thread.

    And where the heck are my manners?
    Welcome to FORT AverageMatt!

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    Matt! I just figured out you're here too, welcome! Hope you'll stick around and snark with us for the whole season! I love your honesty and sense of humor.

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    Matt ~ I was sorry to see you get cut last night, and it seemed like Anna didn't like doing it either! I wonder if that was one of the "producer-induced" eliminations so that all the fat guys didn't get sent packing the first night?

    Anyway, I thought you were cute and am sorry you didn't get to stay around longer. Glad you're checking in with us and providing some background insight on the show too!


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    Thanks, everyone for the kind words. I'm really not even in the LEAST insecure about my height, and it's really never been a problem for me. Had to play an angle, though!...

    Oh, and to answer someone's question a while back, they just sent us to a hotel after we left, and then we went home the next day...

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    Saw the show last night and am glad to have Matt here provided his "opinions"!

    I too would have been a good match for you - back in my twenties.

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