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Thread: Average Joe 4: The Joes Strike Back Official Website !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by marybethp
    Be prepared - President Bush is addressing the nation on Tuesday - you may have to adjust your Tivo's or VCR's!!
    Yeah, I have a feeling AJ is not going to be on tonight because of this, unless the speech is really short and there is not a lot of commentary afterawards (sure....) Darn it all! Why couldn't Bush have spoken last night at 10pm when I couldn't find a single thing on to watch???

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    Aww crap...maybe they'll just show it at 9 or so?
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    Brian Worth is a really nice guy by the way. He took the time to answer an email I sent him even though it took a few months because of all the mail he got he still took the time to write out a nice response. Im really looking forward to Average Joe.

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    In the "supposed" warm south where it's been cold for weeks.
    Ugh why does Bush always feel the need to address the nation when we have premieres of good shows we want to see and are looking forward to? Who listens to him ramble on anyways? Can't he talk earlier? People love their reality tv, lol!

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    This morning, it sounded like my local NBC station was going to show Bush, then I Wanna be A Hilton and then a repeat episode of Law & Order SVU. They did not mention Average Joe. Say it ain't so!

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    nbc.com still shows AJ at 8pm followed by IWTBAHilton at 9. I wonder if that means that those of us with local NBC affiliates that show the Prez will miss the premiere of AJ completely? I'd think nearly all NBC affiliates would show Bush's speech, so I'm thinking NBC will either have to push the AJ premiere back a week, or (more likely) repeat it at some point during the week or weekend - probably when other shows are on that I'm already watching. Shoot!

    I guess we'll just have to see what they will do....

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    I wonder if Global in Canada will still carry it if it's pre-empted in the States?

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    I just checked my local NBC listings, and they show AJ on, where the ABC local listings show the Prez. Maybe....!!! I will keep fingers and toes crossed!

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    From the producer of the show:

    Average Joe will air from 10pm-11pm on the East Coast, but at its regular time of 8pm on the West Coast. Frankly I am not sure what the timings are in the Central and Mountain Zones but the order should be the same – Presidential speech, The Hilton Show, then Average Joe. That’s the latest – this keeps changing – so stay tuned.

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    Fairly hilarious article from the hollywood reporter - I added the bolding, italics, and smilies:

    Three networks delay decision about Bush Iraq talk

    NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - Three of the four broadcast networks
    had yet to decide late Monday whether they would carry President Bush's
    speech on Iraq Tuesday in front of soldiers in Fort Bragg, N.C. By
    then, only ABC had said it would carry the address.

    The White House formally requested an hour of primetime at 8 p.m. ET
    for Bush's speech at a time when public opinion polls show the tide
    turning against the war in Iraq. While there was no question that the
    cable news channels would cover the president's address, the broadcast
    networks were a tougher sell.

    CBS, NBC and Fox all said they would decide sometime Tuesday whether to
    carry the speech. Concerns centered on the potential newsworthiness of
    the speech and the fact that it was being given not in the Oval Office
    but far from Washington.

    "You want to be certain you are broadcasting something that is
    newsworthy and vitally important to the American people," said one
    network executive who asked not to be identified.

    The networks, unconvinced in initial talks with the White House late
    last week that the speech would be newsworthy
    , asked for more
    information. Sources said a conference call was held at 12:30 p.m. ET
    with officials from the Bush administration and the networks'
    Washington bureau chiefs.

    But that might not be the only reason for the networks' holdout. While
    CBS was in repeats at 8 p.m., NBC was faced with the possibility of
    having to pre-empt or reschedule the heavily promoted original reality
    series "Average Joe: The Joes Strike Back."

    Larry Sabato, a political science professor at the University of
    Virginia, said Monday that it was a tough decision for the network

    "On the one hand, they recognize if the president actually is going to
    make substantial news on Iraq, they probably should cover it," Sabato
    said. "But on the other hand, they realize this White House is famous
    for constructing political rallies and convincing the networks to cover
    them with the sole beneficiary being the president, not the American

    ABC News will carry the event, with Charlie Gibson anchoring from New

    Reuters/Hollywood Reporter


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