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Thread: Cancelled?

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    Mr. Melitta called me this morning and told me they were saying on the radio that it had been canceled. I told him we must have been the only ones DVR-ing American Idol and actually watching Armed and Famous. I hope they finish showing the episodes that they have already taped. I kinda liked the show myself.
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    It appears half of the twelve viewers of A&F were also posters on this site...

    I stopped watching after catching a bit of the first and second episodes. Although I love Muncie and was excited to try to stop familiar landmarks, it was always so dark and I just couldn't make out any distinguishing characteristics of any of the trailers or other shacks they were visiting... alas, I also didn't spot any relatives being arrested...

    On a relative note - RIP Casey. We love you and we're proud of you!

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    This doesn't really add anything new, but it's from Muncie:
    Report: 'Armed & Famous' canceled
    Unaired episodes might show up on the schedule over the summer.

    MUNCIE -- Muncie's claim to reality show fame has reportedly been canceled.

    Armed & Famous, which followed the exploits of celebrities, including Erik Estrada and LaToya Jackson, as they patrolled the streets of Muncie as police reserves, has been canceled, show business newspaper Variety has reported.

    Only seven episodes of the show were made. Four had aired, including two the first week. The show aired at 8 p.m. Wednesdays on CBS.

    A story posted Friday evening on variety.com headlined, "CBS pulls 'Armed,' shifts 'Knights,'" noted that the return of the popular talent competition show American Idol had, two weeks after its return for a new season, claimed two victims.

    "CBS has pulled comedy-reality skein Armed & Famous from its schedule, effective immediately," the story noted, adding that another show opposite American Idol, Knights of Prosperity, had been moved from competition with American Idol.

    "Armed started with solid (ratings) numbers when it premiered three weeks ago in the 8 p.m. Wednesday slot, but the Idol tsunami swept away a big chunk of its audience. Several unaired episodes remain and are expected to surface over the summer," Variety reported.

    Mayor Dan Canan said Saturday evening that the show's producer had predicted a tough competition with American Idol.

    "I don't understand that part of the business," Canan said. "Tom Foreman had told us he knew that when they were up against Idol, it would be tough for them.

    "I'm just pleased with how the city was portrayed and how the department was portrayed," Canan said.

    Armed & Famous had placed second in the ratings, behind According to Jim, for its premiere. But by last week, the show had fallen to fourth place it its time period in the ratings.

    Variety said CBS planned to air some of its popular shows to replace Armed & Famous.

    "CBS has slated a CSI:NY repeat in the slot this week, with Criminal Minds pinch-hitting the next week. Jericho returns Feb. 14 with a recap episode," Variety reported.

    Armed & Famous filmed in Muncie from around Thanksgiving until early this month, when the show premiered.

    Canan said police officers told him they were pleased that the show gave a fairly realistic look at local police procedures.

    "It's showing the general public what they're doing in the middle of the night when everyone else is asleep," Canan said.

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    I wish they would show us the last episodes. This show was awesome!
    Yup, with donuts!!

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    I guess there is the possibility that the last episodes will be shown during the summer. It's mentioned in the subtitle, but it isn't expanded upon.

    Unaired episodes might show up on the schedule over the summer.

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    VH1 will air 'Armed & Famous'


    January 30, 2007

    VH1 will air 'Armed & Famous'
    By GAIL KOCH Muncie Star Press
    MUNCIE -- Fans of Armed & Famous can get their fix of the celebrity reality show when an unaired episode of the Muncie-based series airs this Saturday on cable network VH1.

    The fifth episode of the series will air at 9 p.m, with the four previously aired episodes preceding it as part of a five-hour, Armed & Famous marathon. Producers had previously said seven episodes of the series were scheduled to be made.
    A VH1 spokesman told The Star Press on Monday, "If the producers deliver to us the sixth and seventh episodes of the show, then we will air them. As of now, it's unclear whether they are finishing them or not."
    VH1 will again run the first five episodes beginning at noon Wednesday, Feb. 7.
    A phone call to Armed & Famous producer Tom Forman was not returned Monday.
    Chris Ender, senior vice president of communications for CBS, said Tuesday that the network had not technically canceled the show, which stars celebrities Erik Estrada, Trish Stratus, La Toya Jackson, Jack Osbourne and Jason "Wee Man" Acuņa becoming cops with the Muncie Police Department.
    "The official term is 'hiatus,'" Ender said, "which is a fancy, Hollywood phrase for a show that's been pulled from the schedule and does not yet have a planned return date."
    Ender said CBS's decision to place Armed & Famous on hiatus "simply came down to the ratings."
    "The premiere performed well, but going up against American Idol just proved to be too tall a task for the program."
    Ratings for the show's fourth episode, which aired Wednesday, showed that Armed & Famous had slipped from third to fourth in primetime viewership for the 8 p.m. time slot. With a two-hour episode of American Idol, FOX garnered a higher rating share for the night than the four other broadcast networks combined.
    Ender said CBS has not ruled out the possibility of running the three unaired episodes of the show on the network at a later date. And he said producers who came to Muncie to work on the series, "loved dealing with the city."
    "I can't tell you how much praise they showered on the city of Muncie, especially for its police department."
    On Monday, members of the city's police force said they were disappointed to hear of initial reports CBS had canceled Armed & Famous.
    "I can't say I was completely surprised, given what it was going up against," Police Chief Joe Winkle said, referring to its American Idol competition. "But the fact they're saying it's canceled doesn't change why we did it, or the fact that many of us enjoyed being a part of this show."
    Winkle said he'd been happy with the way the MPD was portrayed in episodes of the series thus far. "I think it opened some people's eyes to what we do each night," he said, noting that the police department takes about 4,500 to 5,000 calls per month.
    Winkle said he also did not believe that the series' getting pulled would result in CBS retracting its gift of three Hummers for the police force. "That'd kind of be like them taking back a Christmas present, now wouldn't it?" he joked.
    Sgt. Rick Eber, who helped with training the celebrity officers, said his experience on national television had yet to sink in. "I'm getting calls from family and friends in Texas and Florida, people I haven't talked to in years who've seen me on the show," he noted.
    VH1 officials said there is no way of knowing yet whether the network would pick up a new season of Armed & Famous. "It's just too soon to tell something like that," the spokesman said.

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    as i predicted...

    It was a UGE flop!

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    This is going to be one of those shows that, a few years from now, when sitting around thinking about the history of their network, TPTB will think of Armed and Famous and say "what were we thinking?!"

    Kinda like what I was wondering when I first heard about it.
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