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Thread: 1/11 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by oongaboonga;2203069;
    Erik Estrada did say he was the only Latino on the Muncie P.D. I'm sure they must have had a way of dealing with that before he was there, though, but I thought it was pretty cool.

    Have you noticed how all the celebrities seem to think that their role is to give advice to these people? The real cops just shrug and shake their heads, but the celebs (minus Jack and WeeMan) have been doling out tons of life advice. Last night it was La Toya advising the 23 year old pregnant homeless lady not to get into any more abusive relationships, and Estrada (in Spanish) telling the guy that macho men don't hit women.

    Latoya may be a bit outta line on that.. but what Eric did, thats pretty common. A lot of officers hate to see the domestic violance and have no problem telling men how bad it is to hit women. Its the same with child abuse of any kind, they have no problem telling you what kinda person they think you are for 'picking' on some one younger, smaller, or who is unable to defend themselves.
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    The Muncie hispanic population is 1.44%. Wouldn't surprise me if Erik were the only one. No doubt they would alternatively just hire an interpreter.

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    Oh, so nice to see La Toya getting over her cat phobia. That entire family must be severly wacked.
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    I didn't think that I was going to like this show, but I really do. It's like Cops, but with celebrities, and I really like the way that the celebrities are really trying to be serious and professional about being police officers. The show would never have worked otherwise. LaToya, in particular, has really surprised me, but I really have to say that I respect all of them.

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    I too enjoyed the humorous parts. The La Toya cat nonsense seemed a little staged though. My favorite part from last night's episode is when the random old lady has Erik Estrada sign her fake boob. That and the crazy pool cue dancing guy that Trish Stratus talks to. I don't see it really as a cop show, because I've never had sympathy for police officers I see on those shows, but here since they are so inexperienced I'm really on the cops side rather than the criminals.

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    But don't you feel for the real cops that are chaperoning them too? The guys lurking in the background that have to do their jobs AND make sure these celebs don't get into too much trouble? I feel for them. They're the unsung heroes of Armed and Famous. Props to them!

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