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Thread: 1/10 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Yes, I noticed all the backup they had on that call, too. LaToya is something else. The finger bowl at the restaurant? Please. She's such a parody of herself. I can't wait until she breaks a fingernail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prhoshay;2201543;
    How many days of the week will this show air?
    It'll be on two nights this week (Wed. and Thursday at 8) then it goes to once a week, Wednesdays at 8.
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    Quote Originally Posted by waywyrd;2201867;
    It'll be on two nights this week (Wed. and Thursday at 8) then it goes to once a week, Wednesdays at 8.
    Thanks for the answer, wayward. I was hoping that it would run just a few days, and then be over!

    I guarantee you that all of those officers were at the scene waiting for LaToya and her partner before they ever arrived. But the SWAT team? I'm sure that had more to do with TV than anything else. SWAT's do high risk warrants, and would have already entered the premises by the time LaToya and partner arrived.
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    I found it very entertaining. The whole car ride with the old lady and Ponch cracked me up! Most of them were quite professional during their rides which I didn't expect. I'll flip back and forth to see bits of this show. Not sure I can watch every minute but it makes a good commercial filler.
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    I didn't bother with it, but my mother did and I'm happy to report she says she didn't recognize any of the people being arrested, so I guess my family in Muncie has avoided the long arm of the law for one more night.

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    Its a filler while we wait for the 'better quality' reality tv shows. Still the opening remained me so much of VH1 I had to make sure I was on a major network. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Still there were some funny moments and Jack Osbourne impressed me. He's finally growing up. I did like the part when he said he shot his sister, Kelly when he was 8 yrs old.
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    Did anyone else see the first episode? I thought it was hilarious. Firstly, La Toya does get tasered, you can see it in her face, when people get tased all their muscles freeze up. But forget La Toya, Trish Stratus was the best taser-taker of all. She totally had it done with the real probes where they shoot you. She also had it done longer than any of the others. I liked the part where La Toya is on the phone to Jackie and she's telling him to keep it a secret that she's on Armed and Famous "Don't tell Tito, don't tell Jermaine, don't tell mom, don't tell Mikey..."

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    I liked it! The cheesy opening with the ultra-stretch limo rolling into the city and the locals eyeing it, the presentation of the players (sort of like Who Wants to be a Super Hero without the drawings) and the introduction to training. I would have liked to see more of the 2 weeks they did training, but, time constraints, I guess.

    Speaking of heroes - my new super hero is LaToya. As her partner said, she is true to herself - table cloths, finger bowls and all. I also noticed that she really listened in training and improved with practice; especially at the firing range. You Go Girl! The laundromat was hysterical. But, her mistake didn't embarrass her and she talked with a laundress about how the system worked. And then the arrest. She even jammed her knee against the suspect's privates to hold him in place...then noticed the other guy and drew him out safely - You Go Girl!

    I giggled at the scene with Eric and the drug dealing granny - I'm glad his partner did too. But, Eric and the Jackass posture way too much (over-compensation) though young Jack seemed amenable to learning. Trish just wasn't there that much first episode - except for her macho taser tag.

    I can't believe I enjoyed the first episode - now I'm off to see if my tape picked up the second.
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    Well, I didn't like the cheesy limo opening, but I liked pretty much everything else. I just thought the opening struck the wrong tone since the rest of the show wasn't cheesy really at all (except Latoya's makeup). I think Armed and Famous is gonna be a great "filler".... if not just simply great.

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