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Thread: Jack Osbourne

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    I'm not hating on Jack, I think he's really turned his life around for the better. But would a nobody with Jack's documented drug use be allowed on the police force? I have no idea what the criteria for past problems is when joining the police force, maybe it varies from place to place. Just wondering if he wasn't a star would they overlook his past.

    But, to Jack's credit he seems to take the serve and protect motto seriously. Most stars want to serve themselves and protect their assets.

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    Well, he certainly demonstrated that he has the perfect cop attitude on the show the other night. When the girl he arrested wouldn't stop talking and interrupting him, he got hugely pissed and asked her if she was going to listen or was she going to keep talking over him. (I have actually seen police officers react in that same, identical way when someone they are dealing with tries to interrupt them.) It's totally understandable now why the Muncie chief offered him a job. He really would make an excellent officer.

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    Hooray for Jack! On the LA news the other night, they reported that the LAPD is actively recruiting new officers. Maybe his reserve duty will become real duty soon. Is this 180 change of lifestyle what he truly wants? Best of luck to him whatever he decides.

    Also, unless he has an arrest record, even with his everyday struggle against drugs, he might be eligible - it would depend on that particular department's rules.
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