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Thread: Armed & Famous

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    I saw the show with my girl friend last night.

    Wee man was cool...I thought LaToya was being a total attention whore - and faking a lot of that stuff (the dollar bill in the laundromat, finger bowls) for the camera. She gets the TrainWreck Award IMO.

    Loved the Little Old (not so old) lady and the Ponch scene!!!

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    Are the celebs still in Muncie, does anyone know? I almost want to go there just to see if I could run into La Toya. She rocks my world, I never realized how cool she was until I saw her overcome her fear of cats on national TV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by waywyrd;2199077;
    I love how the "suspects" get free t-shirts and money for agreeing to be photographed. No fair. All the times I've been pulled over for speeding, I've only gotten a stinking ticket and a fine.
    don't forget the autograph of the cop!!!

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    Was that for real? I for one, am really excited about the show ever since that first episode where Trish got shot with that taser! She's incredibly brave and gorgeous...The part where she comforted the victims whose house was on fire...that was a bit emotional and she proved to be really helpful there.

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    Who knows when will they air the next episode? I can’t wait to see the total improvement on Latoya’s phobia on cats and if Trisha is still the strongest among all other cast members.

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    The show's regular time is on Wednesday at 8 P.M., ET.

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    Trish Stratus is my constant favorite. Jack Osbourne is my second fave.

    Trish is sweet. She proved that she can be supportive ( The first episode when they helped a family who's house was burned down due to a faulty christmas light wirings ).

    She has a good heart. I can see that. And to quote Bruce Lee from "Enter the Dragon", "We want emotional content...".She delivered that emotional stuff, and it added spice for the show.

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    Trish is definitely the most likeable. Oddly enough, since she's the least average looking, she's the most like a regular person. Easy to identify with. But yeah, Jack seems the most into it, and the most likely to make it work for him for a long time.

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    Yeah, why do you suppose that is? How could Trish possibly be so down to Earth being that she's so beautiful and has lived such an out-of-the-ordinary life? How is that of everyone on Armed and Famous, she seems the most like someone you'd have over for dinner or something?

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    Maybe it's because, out of everyone's careers, hers was the most intense. She made a career out of fighting and screaming and hollering and really acting like an ape in front of the cameras, whereas everyone else's careers (while weird) were less physically exhausting. So maybe, now that she's off the WWE and on Armed and Famous, is most inclined to do a 180 and just sit back and relax and be herself.

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