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Thread: Finale Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Interesting article on pagesix.com today. This might explain why everything seemed so grim and Martha's announcement was so harsh (not that I believe for a minute that Martha would have picked Bethenny. Bethenny would have clashed with Martha bigtime!):

    December 23, 2005 -- KIDS say the darnedest things! A 6-year-old girl's candid outburst forced producers of "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart" to change the winner right before the live NBC broadcast of the season finale.
    On-set insiders say the granddaughter of Charles Koppelman, a top adviser to Stewart and a judge on the show, innocently revealed the winner to a room full of stunned contestants just before Wednesday night's live broadcast, sending the producers into crisis control.

    Judges Martha Stewart, daughter Alexis, and Koppelman, chairman of Martha Stewart Omnimedia, were about to select a winner between finalists Bethenny Frankel and Dawna Stone when the cute child's blurt-out ruined the surprise.

    Sources say producers then changed the script, which originally called for Frankel to be declared the winner.

    A former contestant who was in the green room and overheard the child's remark told PAGE SIX: "Jennifer Koppelman Hutt [Charles' daughter, who works with Alexis] and her little girl were making small talk with the cast before the show. Someone asked the little girl, 'So, who do you think is going to win?' The little girl confidently replied, 'Bethenny is going to win, Martha didn't like Dawna's fashion show.' "

    The shocked mother quickly whisked the tot out of the room as word rapidly spread throughout the stunned studio.

    The former contestant who was there tells us, "They quickly sequestered the castmates. It was very strange. They put us all in separate rooms. The producer announced to the audience, 'We have last-minutes changes in the script. We want to keep the suspense up to the very last minute.' "

    The source continues, "As far as we knew, Bethenny was the winner. But when they returned to live broadcast, the mood had definitely shifted. That's when all three judges voted for [Stone.]"

    However, one insider said, "Bethenny was never going to win. She is clearly a publicity hound." Some suspect that Bethenny leaked the micro-scandal a few weeks back that she had dated Charles Koppelman's screenwriter son, Brian, 15 years ago.

    Frankel referred our calls to NBC. A rep for the show declined comment.

    Meanwhile, sources say Martha and Alexis were bickering later, with Alexis snubbing the after-party at Martha's nearby office."

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    What a load of crap. I wouldn't let Bethenny plan my meal let alone run a company.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Allie View Post
    Publishers usually come up from the advertising/circulation/business sections. Editor-in-Chief has a background in news/editorial usually.
    Sort of like producers vs directors in the movie business, right?

    While both are involved in some way with the creative end, the director has much more hands-on creative control and directs the actual shooting and implementation of the script, while the producer is more on the sales end of things and is pulling strings to get the film made for the best possible price, schmoozing the big-wigs and advertisers.

    They work closely together, but they're both two different skill sets.

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    I found the "LIVE" finale to be extremely awkward. Whether or not the ending changed re the page6 article, the whole set up seemed distanced - and once again the three judges were sitting miles apart from eachother. You would think a little closeness to show unity would be appropriate even behind that long table with the very strange decorations. The chopped editing between the two charity events also made for awkward viewing. And the fact that the Liz Claiborne exec who congratulated Dawna at the end of the show had previously been shown as sour took me into woo-woo land.

    One thing that surprised me was the lack of a final tally at the end of tasks - I thought they were going to use the dollar amounts as a measure for the winner/loser.

    Perhaps Bethanny's total was higher and then as page6 claims they changed the winner because of the early disclosure.

    Whatever happened, my word for the day is awkward. Dawna should have grabbed the champagne glass out of Martha's hand and gulped it down. But, wait, there was one more product placement to display. Poor Dawna. I think I saw a husband and child in the audience who probably live in PA. So, naturally, Martha - the elegant family person that she is - sends Dawna off to Boston for her Internship. Awkward.

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    Oh please. WHAT sort of "suspense" were they trying to preserve!? There was no suspense throughout the whole show, I don't understand who they were hoping would be on the edge of their seats. The audience that was there?

    If that's truly what happened...the producers were idiots by switching winners.

    What's more fascinating & suspenseful to me are the Alexis and Martha tiffs. Have the finale filled with those uncomfortable moments and fights between these two, now THAT would have satisfied us..well, me anyway.
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    That rumor makes zero sense. Why would they change who won just because some six-year-old blurted it out?

    I can see that making people feel uncomfortable, but what purpose does it serve changing the winner? How, exactly, does that solve any problem that would arise from the situation? The damage was already done.

    The millions who watched the show had no idea. We were expecting Dawna to win, even though she's about as inspiring as any middle manager from any Fortune 500 firm.

    Count me as more than skeptical that this incident took place. Not that it really matters. It wasn't the greatest finale, and the candidates weren't selected with all that much thought in the first place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by waywyrd View Post
    Lots of caffeine may help. This is the most boring finale ever.
    I don't think it was more boring that Apprentice 2's 3 hour Jennifer roast.

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    The millions who watched the show had no idea. We were expecting Dawna to win, even though she's about as inspiring as any middle manager from any Fortune 500 firm.
    I wasn't sure who would win until they started ripping apart Bethenny while praising Dawna during the final 10 minutes.

    I don't think it was more boring that Apprentice 2's 3 hour Jennifer roast.
    I liked that better. It was well deserved bashing. The most boring finale ever was Apprentice 3. It was nothing but commercials and a couple questions that didn't matter thrown in for good measure, with one of the candidates having been completely decimated in the end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxxFisher View Post
    What a load of crap. I wouldn't let Bethenny plan my meal let alone run a company.

    I completely agree, I think it's a load of crap, too.

    Plus, if this WERE true, I think Bethenny would be protesting up a storm, as there were supposively a room full of "stunned contestants" that witnessed this who could be Bethenny's witnesses. I don't see Bethenny as someone who would sit back and say "oh okay, since a 6 year old blurted it out, I don't mind losing the job and car, it's fine." I take that page six item as a bunch of hooey.
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    Martha's finale set looked kind of bare and barren. She should have dressed it up with some dead fish.

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