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Thread: Pick your winner (or if they have to work for Martha, are they really losers?)

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    Pick your winner (or if they have to work for Martha, are they really losers?)

    Will win: Dawna
    Should win: Jim

    As for the whys... Dawna will win because I think she best embodies what Martha wants and needs--boring, conservative and self-important. Jim SHOULD win because he's what Martha actually deserves. Heck, he's gone to so much trouble to be where he's at, I almost admire him at this point instead of merely loathing him.

    Bethenny doesn't even factor in, despite her proclimation last episode that she was the "big idea" person. Yes, I actually think she will get to the final two instead of Jim--his outrageousness won't survive the interview process. But in the final task, for all her so-called "big ideas", I doubt she will suddenly manifest an ability to manage--which boring old Dawna DOES have. The ability to manage Scrabble far better than Dawna won't really enter into things, in the end.

    Obviously my "should" pick is a bit sarcastic, but in a way I'm serious. This whole series was a bit of a travesty--where Jim was the only thing worth watching up to and INCLUDING Martha. Either that, or we'd be reduced to guessing Charles' tie color of the week, approximately how many minutes he'd spend orally fixated on that cee-gar, and maybe spend some time playing guessing games about what badly constructed homey "pose" they'd put Martha in that week--posed in front of a horse, posed as if she was leading an important meeting, posed as if she'd just decided to whip up a souffle for some unexpected guests, etc.

    Anyone else want to venture some picks? Assuming you care at this point, I mean...
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    I think Dawna will, but I think Jim should purely because MSLO is clearly in desperate need of some livening up and Jim might be the only candidate able to provide some oomph.
    Dawna is steady and dependable, just like Martha.
    She appears understated and lacking in personality, just like Alexis.
    They need someone to shake them up.

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    Dawna is like chicken. Chicken fits into any menu, can be served with any side dish and can be flavored to taste like anything you want.
    Jim is more like sushi. Raw and minimally processed. Best when fresh and downright toxic if not served the right way.
    Bethany is like 99% fat free popcorn. Neither good, nor bad and you've had better.

    Martha is a chicken person. She keeps chicken on her estate. I think she'll hire Dawna for her chicken coop. She'll fit right in!
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    No, they're all losers in their own right.
    But I'd like for anyone but Jim or Bethany to win.
    However, I kinda always thought Bethany was gonna win because the show seemed to make her 'shine' above the others.
    I just want the show to be over... I caught the end of last nights episode to see the double firing and thought "Just get rid yourself of everyone Martha." Her letter to Marcell sucked.lol... arggggh what happened to this show, I use to love it.

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    I actually respect Dawna. Dawna gets points for not rising to Jim's baiting, she walks away -- there really is nothing you can do with an idiot like that. As far as Jim blowing it in the interviews, I'm not so sure. He does have a great game face, which was in full play during the date with Martha.

    Dawna has the experience and solid personality to take the win, and she deserves it.

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    Dawna will win. Bethanny has no chance imo. Jim, hope he doesn't win.

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    I really hope that Jim wins it all. Sure, he's kind of wacky, but I think he'll be one for fresh ideas for MSLO. I've not seen one single special thing about Bethenney, and I find Dawna a good worker, but not one with a real "fire".
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    Dawna will win.

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    I really think that Jim might win. I actually hope he does as well. He acts really crazy a lot, but I he seems smart and creative and they might recognize that he could bring a lot to MSLO.

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    I love Jim. I hope he wins, but Martha will pick Dawna.

    Does anyone remember Bethenny's comment about Dawna not being "the cool kid in school."?-- so true in so many ways.

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