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Thread: 11/30 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Good riddance to Leslie. All she seemd to be good at is putting up a front and promoting - herself.

    I like Marcela, Bethany too. Yah, Marcela wasn't presenting herself well in the BR.

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    Just saw this on tape. FUNNIEST thing ever. Alexis being an afterthought in the goodbye letter. Just like in Martha's life...

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    Does anyone else wonder if the cigar guy will see himself on TV with that thing hanging out of his mouth and realize how ridiculous he looks?

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    After watching Marcella slumping in her chair in the boardroom I've written her off. This is Dawn's to lose.

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    What was Jim thinking? I am not a fan of his but I cannot believe that he said what he did during the reward! After that I think that if he makes it to the final 2 there is no way he will win!(I am happy about that though!)
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    Jim's reward dinner rant is very interesting.. I think he effectively painted a bull's-eye on his own shirt.

    Most likely Charles Koppelman and Susan Lynn will discuss their impression of the candidates after the dinner breaks up, and I think they will walk away agreeing that Jim needs to go. Which means Charles Koppelman will be gunning for Jim's hide whenever the next boardroom opportunity presents itself.

    Jim had better hope for the next few weeks his team does not lose and end up in the boardroom.

    My picks for the final two: Dawna and Ryan.

    Edit to add: P.S. Alexis sends her best also.

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    Maybe Jim has a bizarre notion that what is said during a reward can't be held against him. Bethenny tried to smooth over his stupid conversation tidbit, but Dawna jumped at the chance to separate herself from Jim's self-serving and deranged strategy.

    Charles no doubt thinks his cigar makes him look like a big shot. I don't think a visual will be enough to discourage its use in the future. What he really needs is to read our comments and realize how uncomfortable viewers feel seeing a grown man with a pacifier.

    The previews shows Jim self-destructing again, but after last time's disappointment I won't get my hopes up until I see it happen.

    Marcela needs to disguise her emotions more. I understand why she felt beaten up after the task, but she needs to learn how to put up a front.

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