This is deliciously salacious:
November 15, 2005
Alexis Stewart Beats Her Mom In The Radio Game
David Kiley

Here’s a newsflash. Psssssssssst. Alexis Stewart, daughter of decorating diva Martha Stewart is much funnier and more interesting than her Mother. How do I come by this perspective, especially after Alexis has done her best impersonation of a sea sponge on The Apprentice?

I happened to catch an hour of her radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio last Thursday night. Called “Whatever,” Alexis co-hosts the show with the daughter of Martha Stewart Omnimedia Chairman Charles Koppelman, Jennifer Koppelman Hutt. The airing wasn't touted. It was, as one Sirius exec stated, "a soft launch."

It was a hoot. In one hour, Alexis complained in detail about not knowing what do or how to act on The Apprentice, confessed that she had slept with the cameraman assigned to shoot her, and had experimented with lesbianism. She certainly seemed and sounded serious about all of it. Hutt was surprisingly funny too. She prattled on with a pretty good yarn about being summoned to New York dining hot-spot Nobu to meet Alexis and Martha for dinner only to be stuck manning a table for eight alone for almost two hours waiting for the Stewarts. Martha called her to let her know her progress toward showing up at which point Hutt informed her that fellow Sirius star Howard Stern and his daughter had just sat down. Stewart insisted Hutt ask the already peeved hostess to re-seat her next to Stern’s table. Who knew Martha was such a Howard fan? Hutt's telling the incident is better than mine.

Meantime, Alexis spit venom in the direction of Nobu. It seems she recently had her Mother’s assistant book her a table at the ridiculously hard-to-get-a-reservation joint. When she showed up without her Mother, Alexis related, they treated her shabbily, seating her in “Siberia,” and showing outward disappointment that her Mother would not be dining.

If it all sounds insipid, it was. But after four 11 15-hour work days in a row, and being in no mood to listen to Anderson Cooper wax on about the French riots, I was happy to settle on Martha’s channel for some entertaining radio junk food. Figuring the two girls were going to be dreadful, merely trading off their parents’ names and bank accounts, I was pleasantly surprised at how facile they were on the radio. In fact, I pathetically and secretly wished that Alexis would invite me to her apartment for a party she is throwing this month for 150 people.

One thing, though. I have long been suspicious about the audience for many of Sirius’s shows. Consider that after an hour of listening to juicy cotton candy and hearing Hutt give out the call-in number three times, just one caller actually dialed in. And that was Mr. Hutt who was actually pretty funny, relating how his yenta wife calls him on his cellphone constantly. He comes out of the gym after an hour of working out and he’s got some six messages from his wife. That’s only funny if you had been listening for the preceding hour. But it made me wonder just how many people are listening to Sirius channels at any one time. In any case…talk about guilty pleasures…the show was insipid, very funny and much better than the audio play of Martha's daytime show I caught last night in which I was listening to some Chef make autumnal raviolis. The show will start airing from noon to 2pm daily this week.

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