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Thread: 11/16 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allie
    Maybe it was the Vicodin, but Jim is starting to be less annoying. Please tell me it was the Vicodin! (had oral surgery)

    Why not use the money given to promote the task to give away freebies with each purchase? Supply of coffee, coffee essentials, even an automatic cash rebate ... People buy much more if they think they are getting something for free.
    That does sound like a good idea, Allie.

    Jim deliberately toned himself down when his original Mr Obnoxious strategy crashed and burned. The reason I feel he has no chance is that he's too unpredictable. Only Bethenny (aka the corpse bride - Grumpy Gills I'm shocked that you would force me to repeat something so true) seems able to control and appreciate him. He admitted during the QVC commercial that he couldn't even say whether he would act crazy on camera or not. The Donald might keep him as a jester, but Martha will have no use for a loose cannon.

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    Jim has toned it down a lot the last 2 tasks. Maybe he's been acting obnoxious just for the cameras, when a task needs to be done, he's always ready, tones down his craziness.

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