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Thread: 11/16 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

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    1/3 Fonzarelli kungfuhippie's Avatar
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    Ahhhh...Such a satisfying firing...I liked Marcella's soft sell -"if you want someone who is cut throat, then you don't want me..." That was a good tack to take. Maybe not on Trump's show, but on this show, yes. I also like how Jim gave her a pep talk and how she drew strength from that. She didn't use his arguments, but fought for herself in her own way. Amanda was just another candidate who sits back and hopes for things to go wrong if they don't get their way. I'm thinking Leslie is looking more and more like the one to beat though...

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    I'm glad Martha recognized that Marcella was being torpedoed by Ryan and Amanda.

    And for the first time, I liked Jim. I thought it was nice of him to give Marcella that pep talk. He was right. Marcella got people into the cafe. The others just didn't try to sell. He saw through the whole scam.

    I know I wanted to crack open Ryan and Amanda's heads. First Ryan comes up with that stupid, stupid, stupid idea and is offended that Marcella didn't jump on the bandwagon. Then Amanda complains and when Marcella asks for her input she says "I'm not telling."

    They could have sold a lot more machines if they had put in some enthusiasm.

    And I'm surprised that Marcella didn't bring up Ryans stupid idea into the boardroom.

    As for the reward, I thought it was a pretty cool one. I would have enjoyed that one. Better than the ones Trump has been coming up with. After all, the people on this show are interested in Martha and her skills.

    I think Marcella would be good for Martha's team. Maybe not this particular job, but in the food end of things. She knows what she wants and where she would fit in and what she has to offer Martha.Just like David did. Plus she's not a volcano waiting to explode like Jim. I wonder if anyone else has specific ideas of where they can fit into Martha's organization? Well, maybe Bethany does since she's interested in natural foods.

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    FORTfruity applesauce's Avatar
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    Ding Dong the witch is gone. I was so glad that Amanda got the boot. She was such a heavy negative weight.

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    The right person was fired yet again. Amanda has been irking me for weeks so I'm glad Martha cut her down to size. I still didn't get why she wanted to work for Martha. For someone that loves to talk she surely said a lot of nothing with that response. It was obvious Martha was unimpressed with her.... I loved the letter and I thought it was one of the funnier ones. It made me LOL because Martha told her to enjoy gardening with her family. That's a good one!

    I like that Martha recognized that Marcela was set up for failure by Ryan and Amanda. I'm a closet Marcela fan so I'm happy that she was spared. She's too passive though and I honestly don't think she'll win but I'm happy she's still in the running. What a sweetheart! I was very impressed with her in the conference room, but a lot of that kudos should go to Jim. He made me like him when he pulled her aside to tell her what the team was up to. He may have had an ulterior motive for doing so but I still respect the fact that he told her what she was up against. I'm thinking she wouldn't have put up much of a fight otherwise. It looked to me that she'd completely given up and was ready to face her impending doom. I'm also glad Leslie spoke up in support of her....Like others, I was also disappointed with Ryan, especially after his impressive performance last week. I'm surprised he was willing to side with Amanda considering her dispruptive behaviour last week.

    More and more it's looking like a Leslie-Dawna Final 2.

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    Chip and Reichen#1 chipnreichenfan's Avatar
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    I was very glad that Amanad got the boot this week. Teamwork is so important(she had none) She was too negative the whole task and deserved to be fired.
    I hope Leslie wins this thing (fingers crossed)
    The greatest gift is to love and to be loved in return..The Moulin Rouge

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    Good episode!
    I agreed with the other poster who felt like Martha's house with the rolled up tablecloths seemed sterile and cold. It did have a museum feel to it, and not at all the comfortable, lived in feel of a home. Just a house on display. However, I suspect many celebrities live in homes such as this (except the Osborn's )

    When they were in the boardroom, when Amanda said she didn't believe that the viewers wanted to see someone "perfect, and someone who didn't make mistakes", the camera switched to Martha. Her eyes were blinking, blinking, blinking, as though she was really pi$$ed. I thought it was a slam to Martha - as we never see her screw up, and everthing on her show is always "Perfect". After that statement, Martha's mind was made up. Stupid Amanda can now go back to her little world and dig in the dirt.
    Goodbye. Good Riddance. (That would be my suggestion for Martha's catch phrase.)
    So, do any of you watch Martha's other show? Amanda should be on there today.

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    Looks like I missed a good one...I fell asleep 10 minutes into the show.

    Glad Amanda is gone, she was irritating last week.
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    You guys are so easily fooled.

    I can't believe how many of you thought Jim was a sweetheart for helping Marcella out this week. Duhhh...did you not see the first part of the show when he said he was going to trounce on her this task with no problem whatsoever? Do you remember at the beginning of this series when he said that he wasn't here to make friends, but to use every underhanded trick in the book to make it to the end?

    Don't you think it's ironic that he went from a major BIG MOUTH for the first few episodes and now is hanging back in the shadows more? That's because he could hardly keep shooting his mouth off after losing so many tasks without looking like an even bigger fool. That doesn't mean he isn't just as conniving and underhanded as he was at the start, he's just decided to lay low and control things in a more snakely manner.

    He was using Marcella to help get rid of who he perceives is the greater threat to him....i.e. Amanda and Ryan, because he's really confident he can beat Marcella later on. His actions had absolutely nothing to do with friendship or kindness.

    What fools these mortals be.

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    FORT Fogey graycat11's Avatar
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    I'm glad Amanda is gone, she was so annoying last week and last night. She and Ryan both did not lift a finger to help Marcella, thank goodness Leslie was around for support. At least Marcella has good judgement, not listening to the advice to use the word "pussy" on a banner. Marcella and Leslie seemed like the only person that was trying hard to sell the coffee machines, the other 2 just walked around doing nothing.

    Jim giving Marcella advice, okay, maybe he did it for his own selfish reasons but I think his advice has helped toughen her up. Maybe Marcella will be much tougher in the coming weeks.

    Jim was the PM last night but he let Dawna take control, she seemed like the PM not Jim.

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    FORT Fogey
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    I too was happy to see Amanda get the boot. I'm not sure about Leslie as a potential winner or finalist though...don't you remember how her time as PM they spent over an hour doing NOTHING? And no timeline, plan or anything was set in place? She stayed by the skin of her teeth (wasn't it the week that Dawn was let go?).

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