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Thread: NBC has officially ended Martha's "Apprentice"

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    Well I'm sorry to see the show end but I'm not surprised by this. While I like Martha and her show, I have to admit she doesn't make for compelling tv. If NBC would have changed the day and time of the show, the ratings would have still been subpar. I just don't see masses of people tuning in during primetime to see Martha.

    I guess her daytime show will get the axe next.

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    damn I really liked this show. Martha is much nicer to her contestants than Donald. I just dont like Apprentice 4. Hopefully season 5 will be better

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    I like Martha, she doesn't exactly have a sizzling personality but I still like her. I will be sorry to see this end.

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    So who will The Donald blame for his dismal ratings next season?

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    I'm watching both versions of the Apprentice and I never watched the previous seasons.

    I honestly don't see much of a difference in entertainment value between the two. I like them both but don't love them as much as Survivor or The Amazing Race.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Violetgirl
    Hmmm....NBC decided to cancel Martha's Apprentice right after the episode that showed dead fish hanging on her wall.

    Coincidence??? I think not!!!

    Yes! Thank you for mentioning the f*sh. I think it's a conspiracy of gargantuan proportions that needs to be investigated. Somebody is hiding something and it's smells rather f*shy to me!

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    NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!! I love this show! Well, most of it - just a little tweaking and I think it could be really excellent!

    Please, in some format at least, continue this show....

    Here's some tips, for what it's worth - I just want this show to continue.

    1. Bring in the FUN: Martha comes across more friendly on other shows but that's missing on this show (such as her appearance on Jay Leno when she was just "one of the boys"...., if you didn't see it, it was fantastic, she actually turned up a bottle of booze ). I understand this is a "serious" situation.

    2. Host and "Host": I think she should remain as host but turning the teams over to a guest "host", who will direct their project, etc. For example, a famous chef would be introduced by Martha, additional comments/special info presented, the challenge/face off/win-loser, and then we all meet back with Martha, for the conclusion (aka, get lost loser, oops, I mean, you don't fit in).

    3. Reward: Watching, and this includes washing, Martha's dishes, is not, I repeat, NOT an award. SHOPPING is an award. A NEW HOUSE is an AWARD. Jewelry is an award. Yard work is NOT an award. Martha, listen to me, you have to get "The Price is Right" aspects in this show. I can't tell you how many people I heard say I can't believe you made them do yardwork for an award!

    4. Lemonade stands are cute, but: I mean come on, Martha, the ability to work for your company is in no way, shape, form, or fashion realted to the ability to sell lemonade on the corner of 5th and Broadway. I wanted to see aspects of your company, as in one of the things you'll do as my apprentice is ____, so therefore you challenge is....

    Well, I hope your show comes back, even in a different incarnation (maybe Showtime will pick it up....?).

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    While I love, love, love Martha's apprentice (much better than Donald's), you can still tell that she isn't acting herself. Occasionally you can sense her about to get very angry, but unfortunately for the viewers, she calms down.

    As far as Martha's daytime show goes, I think she should revert back to the old recorded show. I liked watching that show.

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    Are they not showing an episode tonight? I looked through the channel guide and they have some Faith Hill concert on instead.
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by waywyrd
    Are they not showing an episode tonight? I looked through the channel guide and they have some Faith Hill concert on instead.
    There is no episode tonight. The next episode is next Wednesday.

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