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Thread: 10/12 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I don't think Alexis is mentally impaired, but I agree that she does come across as rather stilted. Maybe she's just searching for that "perfect" thing to say, and can't quite come up with it.

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    Jim's treating this show too much like Survivor. If by some miracle he managed to get to the final two, Martha would never hire him considering the way he's played the game.

    "Never overestimate Matchstick." - Ryan

    Leslie did a horrible job managing their time, and pretty much all the issues that came up after that could be pinned on that. However, the other team, for how supposedly great they are, didn't believe they were capable of leading Matchstick. On that point, I agree with Martha. Leslie took the risk and should get a break for doing so. This team was completely incompetent before she arrived, so I can't pin it all on her anyway.

    Dawn, meanwhile, was completely useless. In previous tasks, it may have been hard to specifically say she was lazy or negative or whatever else can be said about her, but in this instance, she simply was not a team player. Besides which, her ability in the conference room was pretty subpar.
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    So glad Dawn is gone. She didn't contribute anything but negativity. At least Leslie and Bethany stepped up to the plate and took risks.

    I thought Bethany did a great job in the time that was given. Not sure anyone else would have even gotton the furnitured ordered in that time frame. I don't think you can rush furniture delivery that much, especially last minute.

    Leslie's time management was poor and that had a lot to do with the loss, but I also liked how she volunteered to switch teams and lead.

    Dawn should have gone. Hope Jim is next.

    I liked the game suite, thought it was a good idea.

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    Personally, I think both Bethany and Dawn should be fired. I don't think Bethany would be an easy person to have as a boss or co-worker. She is a first class bitch and a hard person to get along and I don't think she will be a good fit at Omnimedia.

    Jim's flip answer in the boardroom also puts him in danger, the 'anyone but me' comment did not put a smile on Martha's face. I can't see him woking there either.

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    There is still so much dead wood to prune off that team it is mind boggling.

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    Everytime I see Leslie, all I can see is Bobbie Jones from General Hospital. And she did mismanage the time, but Bethany SHOULD have been on top of the furniture delivery. Dawn had to go, but she wasn't the reason they lost the task.

    Jim is still has annoying as ever. I can't wait to see him go. I wonder how the reshuffling will go. It should be interesting.

    I loved it when Martha said "you don't want to see me get upset" or something along those lines. She may be a hardass but she's earned it.

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