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Thread: 9/28 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by user name
    "Cry and you're out of here. Women in business don't cry, my dear." So this is the sensitive Martha we've been hearing so much about.
    This is one of the reason's Martha was convicted. The jury saw no emotion from her and therefore felt she wasn't apologetic for her actions. Maybe she shouldn't cry in business but if she had shed some tears in the courtroom she may have wound up with just community service. But no, Martha wants to protect her tough businesswoman image to the very end, even if it means jail time.

    She's a billionaire for pete's sake. I think at that point, she could have afforded to shed a few tears to avoid jail. But then again, her prison is nicknamed camp cupcake even though I don't think it's the one she requested to be sent to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConfusedONE
    Welcome to Lettersville, population you Chuck.
    I actually think the letter is a nice touch. It gives Martha a softer personality, which she so badly needs, and I think it gives the one fired some closure, not to mention a memento to sell on EBay!

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    I'm surprised Martha didn't pick up on Jim's hoarse voice, which is a clear sign that he must be doing a lot of talking, loudly at that. He never lets anyone finish what they are saying, he's rude, obnoxious, full of himself, and I can't wait to see him go. I swear I think the shows cast people like this on purpose for ratings knowing full well these people won't get hired due to their volatile personalities.

    If these people are so intelligent, wouldn't they figure out why they are being cast in the first place. Some are clearly cast for ratings, not to win. Look at the Cut and past Apprentices - the loud ones are kept around until the patience of the hirer (Donald, Tommy) finally runs thin and then they are booted. We know they will never win and so do the ones doing the hiring, they are there just to stir the pot, create drama, and when they are used up they are fired. It really is a disservice to these people because they look like an ass on tv with their loud, in your face behavior.

    They don't learn anything about themselves either. Omarossa is still a first-class bitch, and Chris from the Apprentice (the one with the bad temper) was kicked out of a casino after the show ended, for bad behavior.

    I think Dawn will go eventually too. She is not innocent in all this and she can't keep her mouth shut when she needs to. But I do have to say that her wanting to get a banana before settling down to listen to everyone last week is not the crime they act like it is. It's just a banana folks, not a full-course meal. If I'm starving, I can't hear what you are saying. It's not unrealistic or unprofessional to want something in your stomach, even if just a measly banana, while listening to a sales pitch. Those that whined about that are babies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConfusedONE
    Someone give Jim a lozenge.

    Does anyone else get the creepy Jonathan from TAR from this guy?

    I actually thought he reminded me of John Malkovich doing one of his "barely simmering psycho" characters...
    It's a fair cop guv - you got me bang to rights and no mistake!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wallyhorse
    Actually, I thought Chuck quit and was NOT "fired" by Martha.
    Actually... He threatened to quit when the team was out of control and he as PM had no clue how to corral them. The others talked him into staying.

    In the conference room he accepted full responsibility for the failure of the task and JIM said that he couldn't believe that Chuck was quitting. Chuck responded "Am I quitting?" He decided to fall on his sword instead. He never actually quit, but with Jim bringing up the subject, Martha wanted her opinion of quitting made clear.

    Anyone believing that Donald would have rearranged the teams after last night clearly doesn't remember TA2 when the women's team was just as dysfunctional and he did (if memory serves) NOTHING until the scheduled mix.

    There have been plenty of times when Donald wanted to fire more than one person in the Boardroom, but only did when his boss pre OK'd it. That was clearly not a spontaneous double firing.

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    Chuck was a poor excuse for a PM. He had very little control over his team and he didn't even bother to put Jim and Dawn in their places. Both Dawn and Jim are detrimental to Matchstick, but Chuck was more at fault for failing to put his foot down and for threatening to quit. He truly deserved to be sent home. Running a business is very tough and you'll eventually have subordinates who have personalities similar to either Jim or Dawn. However, if you don't do anything to control or marginalize the detriments of the business, then you have no business being in charge in the first place. Eventually, both Jim and Dawn will either patch up their differences or will be sent home. If they want to stick around, then they better get their act together..

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    Watched this last night and by the end of the episode I was thinking if I had a shot of tequila every time that Martha mentioned "Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia" I'd have been passed out drunk before Chuck got canned.

    That Chuck guy should have been weeded out by producers during the selection process but he wasn't. With all the tests they do and profiling, I think they knew this guy wasn't management material. The only explanation as to why they kept him is because there's always at least 4-5 people that are obviously not meant to make it. Ten minutes with Chuck could have told any casting producer that this guy should be nowhere near Martha, and she'd never hire him in real life.

    I think contestants like Chuck are there to be hopefully kicked off sooner than the more charismatic, more capable contestants so that those contestants are given an opportunity to stay and grow on the audience. In other words he was there to fail, and at that he did a good job.
    His exit gives obnoxius Jim and his nemesis Dawn at least one more week on unimpeded fighting and hopefully it will be vocal and ugly, just the stuff that every reality show worth it's salt needs.

    I want to like this show but Martha is a bit wooden and she often sounds like she's reading lines off of a telepromter. The only time Martha appears human is when she gets pissed off, such as when she told that chick not to dare cry or she's out. I vote for making Martha angry more often so we'll have more of the real Martha. Her two cohorts do a good job of uttering the obligatory "I think you made the right decision" line, previously raised to an art form by Carolyn on the "real" Apprentice. I'm still confused about what the goal of this show is. Is the winner going to be making up new ways to fold a fitted sheet or is he or she going to be just another glorified paper-pusher?
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    I agree with you and she should not have said women in business don't cry. That made her look like the old Martha for a second. Yikes.

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    Personally, I would have called them all in and fired Jim, Bethany and Chuck and then send the rest back to hopefully become a team.

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    You can see the 'real' Martha lurking in her eyes. It will come out. I like the real Martha, better than the wooden automated Martha. Martha, let your inner bitch out! We all know you've got it!
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