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Thread: Which Apprentice is better: Martha or Donald?

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    Well, I've decided. Trump is way better.

    Martha is a hack.
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    -If both were stripped of their money/ assets, who would rise to the top first? Not Martha! (That also goes for Branson and the Dot-Com Mark Guy (Benefactor)
    I think you are overrating Trump's ability as a businessman. Make no mistake, he has made a great brand name and does a great job of marketing himself. However, he is mainly successful because he mitigates his risk by partnering with idiot business partners who put up the money and lose their shirts.

    I don't know much about Branson but I would wager that Martha or Cuban could rise to the top as fast or faster than Trump. Cuban is much more innovative and more intelligent than Trump, while Trump is IMO, better with people.

    If Trump wasn't famous, he would be a non-factor in business. Of course, you have to credit him for becoming famous and leveraging that fame to further his success.

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    Donald built his whole reputation on being a harda$$ kinda guy - take no prisioners and don't give a damn what people think of you as a person, as long as they agree to the deal. Martha on the other hand, built her whole empire on a sweet-as-pie character (which we all know she isn't after all the b*tch stories we've heard), so that makes it harder for her to pull off a show like this.

    I don't watch MS' version anyway because as much as I may dislike DT, I absolutely loathe MS. I won't even buy anything that has the MS name on it, even if I may need it and it's the only one in the store (shower curtains are a perfect example...). I wish she would just go away and lose all her money.

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    I think I must have just become accustomed to DT because right now......I like him better. If both of these shows don't start showing me something fast.........I might have to quit watching. IMHO they are rather boring at the moment.
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    I like Martha's better too. Martha does not come off as over blown and she does not yell all the time. Trump seems to do that yell/speak that wears thin at times.
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    At this point, I do like the Donald's better. I don't hate Martha's, but the people she has chosen for the conference room bit... do they speak much? really? I guess I was expecting more of a George and Carolyin banter in there, and I haven't seen that yet. I do think part of what makes Trump's better is George and Carolyn. I think expectations were high for Martha's show because of her off the camera repuation as a killer B... and we haven't really seen that, and I think if more confrontation/accountability in the conference room were to come out, it might be more interesting. So far it has only been about Jim.. and I just cannot stand that man at all.

    And for the record, never was a big Martha fan pre-jail.

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    Ok, I personally like Martha's better. Her first two episodes were really good, plus I like the drama that's happening and it makes for good tv. The first episode of Donalds was pretty lame. However I really enjoyed the second episode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Realityfan227
    Ok, I personally like Martha's better. Her first two episodes were really good, plus I like the drama that's happening and it makes for good tv.
    If it was the drama of TA:M that you liked, then arguably that's more a vote for Jim than for Martha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prhoshay
    I'm not wild about having a show that is almost Donald Trump's version......word for word. I think it's kind of weak. I will watch again, but I'm not sure how much more I can take. Shame On Mark Burnett!!! And I think this copycat show is condescending to Martha.
    I agree. I just couldn't believe anyone is stupid enough to put on a copycat show almost word for word (except, of course, the "you do not fit in"). I'm not sure if Mark Burnett is responsible for this or not. Oh well, I'm tired of Mark Burnett type shows anyway. The man has lost any talent he had by not trying a little harder to come up with something different. He is definitely stuck in a rut showing no talent or imagination. Seems most reality shows that have made it for any length of time start to slow down because the producers refuse to change. I like Martha's show but she could have done a lot better with a more talented producer with more imagination. Too bad Martha's name is used with this no talent bunch of people that put this show together.

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    If NBC decides to renew Martha's show next year, I could see her making a lot of changes to distance herself from The Donald Show. She already ditched the "Don't let the door hit you..." comment after just the first show. They weren't happy about her writing the letter at the end, but let her keep it in and I thinks it help individualize the show.

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