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Thread: 9/21 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amy Lee
    If the ratings don't get better, i don't see a second season, 7 mill viewers is more than upn ans wb can ever cound on but not good enough for a network like nbc.
    Keep in mind:

    NBC affiliates (and likely others) in the Gulf Coast region likely pre-empted Martha for Hurricane Coverage on Wednesday night, as did the Twin Cities because of a storm there. That likely caused the low start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vonna
    One think I thought was how uncanny the contestants looked familar.....like they had been recycled from other reality shows.....Haven't I see them before:
    I thought the exact same thing and after reading their profiles I know for a fact that Leslie is a Republican strategist who is often on Fox and Friends giving her viewpoints and sparring against a Democratic strategist. She is actually quite intelligent.

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    This show needs to get tougher. Martha is just trying to be nice. Once she starts turning up the competition, then I'll know it's worth watching.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vonna
    So she gave the book away....aw, I missed it... I keep forgetting she's on and I used to never miss Martha Stewart Living......Gotta get back into the habit..
    Vonna, I keep forgetting it's on in the daytime, too. I've been catching it by accidentally flipping through the channels. Yesterday, I caught her double-dutch jumping rope with some kids. She was pretty good at it, too!

    The day she had Jeff on.... Unfortunately, I only caught the very tail-end of his interview. Caught just enough to see that she gave him a crocheted poncho, and the new "Jack and the Beanstalk" to the audience.

    From the few times that I've caught parts of it, she's been pretty good. Also, I like the live audience with her. David Spade and Elmo and the dogs were all hilarious when they were on.

    Quote Originally Posted by justCoz
    ...I'm looking forward to these challenges as I'm hoping they will be more along the lines of Wickedly perfect with Mark Burnett in charge to actually make it a good show.
    JustCoz, was thinking that, too, while watching the show.

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    So far I am more impressed with Martha's Apprentice than I am Donald's. I loved the book Primarius did. I also like how they used first gradersfor their test drive. As for Matchstick, they had the potential, but Jeff wanted the project all to himself. He deserved to go first.
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