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    Trust me, I'm the last person to think all prosecutions are handled like Law & Order.

    True enough though, the key word that I missed there was "HANDLES".. not "prosecutes". I probably should have said that I find it hard to beleive that she even handles one prosecution case. She's so meek, it's hard to believe that she even has that job.
    Not that every prosecutor has to be a bull, but I found her very submissive throughout the whole episode. Not assertive and willing to be bullied, or intimidated. So much so..that she couldn't even finish a sentence while in the board room.
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    Can someone please provide the link to the Yahoo exit interview. I really liked Jennifer and don't really think anyone on that team would have been able to contain the Crazy Lunatic.... I agree with other posters that Jim was just kept for ratings; however, in a real life situation he would have been gone after the first week. I cannot imagine any real professional hiring this idiot.....
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    Here's a link to the site for Martha's show on Yahoo!:


    Once there, you can find her interview on the page.

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