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    It looks like he does not have a job with Martha after all.

    David was on Martha's talk show this week. He gave her a card of his with his website called AStrategy or StrategyA something like that...Anyway, as Martha was talking or wishing him luck, he just nodded his head or completely ignored her and just smiled at the camera.

    The only time he lit up was when Rosie O'Donnell asked him if he had a good time on the Apprentice and he said something like: "Yeah! I had a great time!" while looking at Rosie Martha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephmo
    He did mention some shortcomings on the Martha website - one of the things that caught my ear was that he mentioned her recipe search function was terrible.

    He's 100% right. Of all the major magazines involving recipes that I subscribe to personally, hers has the absolute worst recipe collection. Every other site has probably 95% of all recipes in the magazine on the site. Most do require that you be a subscriber to the magazine to get to the entire archive, but that's something nice.

    Basically, if you want a Martha recipe, you either have to have the magazine or her books on hand. If you'd like to print out a recipe to not soil said book or magazine, you're out of luck.

    In addition, one of the bigger features - "good things" - in the magazine, seems to be lacking on the site as well. You can get the ones for the current month, and maybe some other recent ones, but if you want instructions for an older "good thing" - again, you're stuck either with her books (hoping it made the cut) or back issues of Martha. So much for printing up the project guide and carrying it with you if you head out to a flea market, craft shop or whatnot looking for all the items you need...
    That's right. He did say that the recipes were hard to find. You're right, I forgot about that for a second! Yeah, her site is hard to navigate. In addition, when I've requested for the newsletters to be transferred from one email address to another, or just out-and-out unsubscribed from one email address and re-subscribed with another, the newsletters just a'keep on comin' to the old one(s) no matter what I do or say. So I just delete them from the mail or mark them as junk from the email address I don't want them coming to, and read them from the one I do want them coming to! Frustrating, kinda, but there are worse things in life. But yeah...oh, and I can't forget the fact that when I do click into the site from something in the newsletter I'm receiving, can't get out of it without my computer freezing up!. I have to control/alt/delete and go back into Explorer! Damn you, Martha!

    Personally, to me it seems like the site is just one big advertisement for you to buy her books and magazines. Seems to be very little that's free on it.

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