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Thread: Current Events vs Current Events Light

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    Current Events vs Current Events Light

    I'm kind of confused about the difference between the two subforums. It would seem to me from the title that the difference between the two would be that Current Events has highly-charged issues which could spark a lot of debate whereas Current Events Light would be things like entertainment news or articles of interest that might prompt conversation but not necessarily debate.

    However, it seems to me that there's a mix of both in each subforum so I'm confused about what should be posted where. Is there even a need for two separate subforums?

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    Re: Current Events vs Current Events Light

    The mods can probably answers this better, but I think you're right about the distinction. Both could have posts that inspire conversations, but CE is a place where news of the weird and water-cooler topics to. I'm glad that FORT divided the two, because there's really not much to say about a two-headed cow other than "That's ... weird."

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