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Thread: Unable to Access Threads

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    Unable to Access Threads

    For some bizarre reason, I am having trouble accessing two threads up in the Project Runway folder, "Spoilers for Fashion Week" and "9/9 Episode Discussion." I can read those threads, except for the last page. Whenever I click on the last page, it just goes blank. I feel like I've been left on the edge of a cliff. Please, can somebody tell me how to fix this?

    Or is it not fixable? Have the last pages of those threads simply...disappeared?

    p.s. I should add that I don't have this trouble with any other thread. That's why it's so bizarre.
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    Re: Unable to Access Threads

    Having the same problem with those threads on PR.
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    Re: Unable to Access Threads

    Oh, good, it isn't just me :-) I keep wondering what I'm missing...

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    Re: Unable to Access Threads

    I posted abou this not too long ago. Also, the 9/16 episode thread isn't up either.

    So not making it work.

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    Re: Unable to Access Threads

    I realize you're quoting Tim Gunn there, but there's no reason to be rude about it. There was an announcement posted about the site being worked on today.

    If a thread still can't be accessed, please start a new one. You are also allowed to start the discussion thread for a particular show if you want.
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