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Thread: The Bachelorette: Members-only episode posts

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    The Bachelorette: Members-only episode posts

    Would the Mod's / Admin please consider this? Tonight, on Ep. 2 of The Bachelorette, the site went down for almost an hour. It was undoubtedly [at least given prior experience] from non-members logging onto the site and reading the episode discussion post.

    Is there a way to make Bachelorette / Bachelor episode live posts members-only? I know we did this for the finale of The Bachelor and it helped tremendously with the site crashing. And since the site-crashing problem happened again- on only ep. 2 of the season- it makes sense that this will be an ongoing problem. So could we return to members-only episode discussions?

    This would benefit ALL users- those who want to post in the live discussion, as well as those who are watching other shows at the time.

    The live episode posts are my favorite on this site and I really would love to be able to discuss and comment for the entire episode.

    Thanks for considering this!

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    Re: The Bachelorette: Members-only episode posts

    It also happened a lot with Dancing With The Stars and I think it may have happened with either Survivor or The Amazing Race, so I support that idea but used more than just for TB.
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