There's been a rash of accusations recently that staff can read members' private messages, so I wanted to address that here.

We have not, and never will, ever, read private messages that were not sent directly to us.

We do not have the ability to recover or read deleted PM's.

The extent of our interest in PM's is people using OUR resources to recruit members to leave for another site. If you can't start a site without stealing our members, you probably need to re-think the whole "starting a site" thing. It's hard work to build membership on a site. Do it yourself, the old-fashioned way, or get them from somewhere else. But when you try to get members from here to come to your site, someone is going to send that PM to a staff member. That staff member is going to ban you, permanently and immediately. That staff member is going to check out your site. If that staff member sees others claiming to have sent recruiting PM's, or offering to send recruiting PM's, they are going to ban those members as well, permanently and immediately. We are also going to use whatever technologies are available to us in the software to disguise those links in peoples' existing PM's. If you don't understand vBulletin software and its capabilities, don't automatically assume that we did it by editing people's PM's. We don't need to do that.

If you don't like the way things are run here, please feel free to find another site. That's certainly your right. But that is the extent of your right. When you start to recruit people to join you at that other site, that's when we have an issue.

And again, WE DO NOT READ PM'S. I've said that many, many times since this site was started. I've never wavered from that stance. The P stands for Private, and that's what they are.