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Thread: FORT will be closed to guests tonight 11/19

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    FORT will be closed to guests tonight 11/19

    Due to an expected large volume of traffic tonight for the Bachelor finale, we will be closing the board to unregistered guests during the airing of the show (starting a little early, at 9pm Eastern).

    We apologize for having to do this, but we want the FORT experience to be great for our registered members, and unfortunately that comes at the expense of our guests.

    If you want to ensure that you can view the site (and participate if you feel like it), please register now to avoid any hassle during the show.

    We will open the site up to guests again after the traffic has died down to acceptable levels for our server loads.

    Thank you, and enjoy the show!

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    Re: FORT will be closed to guests tonight 11/19

    I know that I need glasses, but I read this thread title as "FORT will be closed to quests tonight 11/19". Huh?!?!?

    But I guess as long as I sign in, I can continue to look for the Holy Grail, or slay a few dragons.
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    Re: FORT will be closed to guests tonight 11/19

    As I'm not a fan of the Bachelor I'll try to remember to stay off the Fort tonight and free up a little more room for everyone else. Have fun!

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