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Thread: We're moving again!

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    For what it may be worth informationally, I did get another another warning prompt with this the only site and browser I've knowingly got open and running.


    Microsoft Internet Explorer variety even though I'm using another browser (just an overlay???)


    An ActiveX control on this page is not safe.
    Your current security settings prohibit running unsafe controls on this page.
    As a result, this page may not display as intended.


    Just to note:

    I've made no changes to this machine in ages. And have no other browser or pages open. No other programs running except the usual resource sucking leeches.

    It isn't crimping my style or ability to navigate. Everything appears as I'd expect it would aside from the warning prompt.

    I won't be mentioning it again. Just letting you know in case it mattered on your end.

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    I'm on the new server now!
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    It may be related to the ads or something, leftcoaster. We're definitely not using any ActiveX controls on the site itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unklescott;2304697;
    New server here
    ETA It's nice to see Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread & Currently Active Users feature again along with the speed.

    I love this too Unk....I like knowing I'm not alone in a thread!
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    Not sure if anyone is going to be able to answer this, but here goes

    When I try to access the arcade or get out of a forum by using the fans of reality tv link it gives me this message

    Fatal error: Memcache is not installed in /includes/class_datastore.php on line 270

    I have to use my back button in order to get out.
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    Re: We're moving again!

    For about 5 days now I can't get to the last page of the Branglina thread in the movie section.. everything else is fine.. but I can't access that.

    Any ideas?
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    Re: We're moving again!

    Check out the Stoopit Questions thread. John is aware of it and has been working on it. He will be doing some more work to the server on Monday which might cause some downtime.

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    Re: We're moving again!

    Just an observation note: the site now has a picture of a TV next to the name on My Favorites List. Cool.
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