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Thread: Introducing the FORT Arcade

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    I loved Lucky Balls. I sucked at it but it was so much fun.

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    Re: Introducing the FORT Arcade

    Quote Originally Posted by finalefan;2134699;
    I noticed that someone on the high scores page of Mahjong Connect typed in their comment, "There's a glitch on Level Two." So I went to another site and played the game there to see what was different ... and, YES, there's a glitch on Level Two. Cubes disappear, and according to how the game played on the alternate site I visited, that's not supposed to happen.
    I've seen two versions, this one and the one where the tiles do not disappear. It isn't a glitch, just part of the strategy of figuring out the pattern and best tiles to clear (though it makes it very tough-- I've never reached the third level on this version). There do seem to be a couple glitches common to the game, however... sometimes you'll get an error if you pause and try to resume, occasionally issues with the hints, and such. You also seem to have to click the link for the next level before the remaining time scrolls out from the bar after clearing; still not sure if that is a glitch or not. Still, very addictive game!

    Anyways, have to say thanks for the arcade here also, very fun!!

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