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Thread: POST of the Week!!

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    I Think I Can Dance. Aota Bass's Avatar
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    Woooo!!! Thanks everyone!!
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    Absolutely terrific post ! Well-deserved congratulations, AB !
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    Congrats Aota Bass, great post! When I read it the first time in the Survivor Forum a few minutes ago I thought, "Wow! What a great post! It should be the post of the week!" Then I noticed the ribbon and came here to be sure.
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    This week's Post of the Week comes to us from the Apprentice forum, by Monkadelic. Congratulations, Monkadelic!

    Surya is a loser. I mentioned previously, he's a self-absorbed plansturbater who is too enamored with the processes that lead to business results. I was annoyed by the fact that he so readily claimed team victories as his own, but won't accept team failures as his own. It doesn't work both ways Surya... if you want to claim the good, you have to accept the bad.

    He pointed a finger at Tim for thinking of the boxing ring idea. It amazes me that Trump did the same. Did I not hear people agree that the concept (which was generated by brainstorming) was okay, but execution was poor? If you agree to that, you don't shoot the guy with the concept, you shoot the guy who managed the execution. Once again, it was (or should have been) Surya.

    He pointed a finger at James for asking last-minute questions. Bill said he figured it was ass-covering. I don't see it that way. Anyone remember what he asked? I believe he was noting his concern that the idea may not quite reach a crowd of 15,000 and get the brand idea across. And when you watched their shows, you saw the winning team using large visuals, simple bite-sized concepts, and it got across to the crowd. The losing show was nothing more than people in costume and a vague storyline that didn't reach the crowd. Bottom line: the "annoying" question by James was SPOT ON in trying to ensure proper execution. And guess what: James was right! Surya may not have appreciated the last-minute question, and sometimes it's annoying an uncomfortable, but you want people on your side who can stay above the groupthink. A good leader wouldn't simply get annoyed with that person and shut them up... a good leader would recognize the benefits of having that team member and MANAGE them to get the benefits while minimizing their impact. Surya didn't.

    In the end Surya said he worked better when he's not a leader, which was of course a dumb statement to make. But y'know Donald responded with a comment that brings to question this whole show and "interview" process. He said he's not looking for someone who doesn't perform as a leader. True. But if that is the case, why did he even consider James and Tim, since any weaknesses they might have had in this task were not leadership problems. They might have been a weakness of a "sole provider", but often the best leaders aren't great as sole providers. A leader isn't necessarily a skilled sales brochure maker, or skilled at booking entertainment for events. Yet this is what they're being judged against. If you're looking for a leader, judge the leader.

    For me, as I've said, this show would do well to stop the challenges based on sellng somebody's product, with interviewees relegated to roles as event planners. They need to get back to real projects that relate to the business world.

    My last comment for Surya... he can complain that he's been screwed, but the truth is the show and its producers did him a favor putting him on air, which they no doubt did because he makes drama and drama makes good TV. He is a mediocre talent, with little more to bring to the table than can be gleaned from a 10-minute scan of a "Leadership for Dummies" book.

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    Great post, Monkadelic!

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    Loved that post when I saw it, Monkadelic. Congratulations!

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    Great post Monkadelic!! Congrats! and I do agree with you about Surya!

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    Who Dat lildago's Avatar
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    Congratulations Monkadelic!
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    Excellent post, Monkadelic.
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    Congratulations Monkadelic!

    I can't stand to watch Apprentice anymore for many reasons (cough, The Donald, cough cough) but your post was well said.
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