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Thread: POST of the Week!!

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    Again, I'm running WAY late on announcing another poster of the week, and that's all my fault

    Our latest POTW winner is yourefired, with a post from Dancing With The Stars 2:

    I fell asleep and didn't catch the results sho, so I popped in here to see what happened. Sounds like it wasn't a great show anyway, and I did find out what I needed to know so thanks for that.

    I wanted to share my opinions:

    First off, I'm not at all surprised P is staying. While I in no means think he should be there now, I will give him the credit for at least trying this week. He actually did make an attempt this week, which is more than he's done in the past. While he is the weakest of the 10 celebrities, he does deserve credit for finally stepping up to the plate and swinging rather than just watching the pitches fly into the catcher's mit.

    P is the subject of a lot of controversy, which is good for ratings. He's also been the product of a lot of outside fodder. For example, the women on the View were talking about him last Friday. Elizabeth even had on a shirt that said Vote For P. Her reasoning was that people like Drew and the wrestler had some dance training in the past whereas P is a true novice. She said she felt like those who had training had a leg up which shouldn't be in this type of competition. I guess she wants a skating with celebrities type level ground or something.

    Anyway, people hear that and maybe some agree with her and vote for him. Master P also gets respect for stepping in for his injured son at the last minute. And some people vote for him because of that. Others are actual fans, although it is hard to imagine Master P fans actually watching ballroom dancing and getting enough interest to vote. But then again, I loved Joey McIntyre and chose to watch in the summer because of it. And I thought ballroom dancing was a step up from watching paint dry. So who knows.

    At any rate, celebs like Kenny and Giselle don't have a huge fanbase. I don't think any Sports Center fans tuned in just because they love Kenny and his reports. They're bound to be the first to go because of a lack of a bona fide fan base. They may be good, but that only goes so far when Drew is riding the coattails of his 98 Degrees fame (and the presence of his oh so hot brother in the audience every other week).

    Finally, everyone is talking about how bad George is. I think he'd be a lot better if he wasn't injured. And at least he's giving it his all. So I give him respect for that.

    I don't think P is going to turn into Kelly. He doesn't have that kind of fan base supporting him. I just think he has more than a few other celebrities, and that does make a difference in a competition like this.

    Just my 2 cents.


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    Congratulations on post of the week yourfired.
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    Congrats yourefired!
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    Great post! Congratulations!
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    Congrats, yourfired!

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    FORT Fogey
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    CONGRATULATIONS, yourfired!!!

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    Congratulations, yourefired!

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    Congratulations yourfired!
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    Congrats, yourefired!
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    Way to go, yourefired!
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