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Thread: "Who's Online" missing?

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    After I couldn't get onto FORT a few nights ago, I guess we should just keep the things as they are now. It's such a pain if we can't get on at the best times.

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    As far as the "who is online" I think the lil green button to the left under the avatar shows if that person is online (or in the FORT) - if it is gray - they are not??
    Put on your big girl panties and deal with it!!

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    That's right, Dicechick.

    Quote Originally Posted by John
    well, you can have your pick. Who's viewing this thread, or nothing when the site gets overloaded and no one can get on. Choose wisely.
    I don't think people answering this post read it closely enough. John restricts some functions, or the site crashes. He wasn't asking you to choose between which functions to restrict.

    I'm closing the thread.
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