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Thread: New Color Schemes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mariner View Post
    Maybe a pool boy will come bring you a tropical drink while you sit in front of your computer.

    WOOHOO I hope so! Now I've got something to look forward to!

    I hope Maksim hurries up with that drink!

    I do think these colors on Paradise Hotel are pretty, I just wonder if they'll bug my eyes after a day or two.
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    I've checked them all out but Rupert is the best one for me.
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    You're hardcore, Daggie. Rupert is so bright - but again, I love the icons in that scheme.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat View Post
    When I look at the default scheme now I don't even recognize it as FORT anymore.
    My SIL was here last night and used my computer(She joined FORT a couple months ago). I use Paradise Hotel and when she logged me out and logged herself in, I did a double take. I'd forgotten all about the old default colors.

    Quote Originally Posted by suncat7
    I hope Maksim hurries up with that drink!
    You can't find a better pool boy than that!
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    I've used the "Paradise Hotel" theme since it was first introduced. I love it and couldn't imagine having to go back to the default scheme. Luckily, it has never seemed too bright to me and is easy on my eyes.

    ETA: lildago, occasionally mine goes to the default, and it looks blurry to me compared to the Paradise one.
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    I'm one of the 7% using Monster Garage. I like it the best. Very easy on the eyes for me. Whenever I clear all my cookies and the default appears it freaks me out.

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    I love the Paradise Hotel. I've tried them all but this is the one I keep coming back to.

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    I'm forever in PARADISE!
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    I've used Paradise forever but after checking in with this thread the other day I thought I'd change and see how I like it...right now I'm using Firestone...not too bad tho I have to admit, it freaks me out when FORT comes up and because I'm use to Paradise, to see Firestone throws me for a second or two! I'll use this for a couple of days to see how I like it....always good to make changes sometimes........
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    I've used the Firestone theme almost since the new schemes were put in place. It's pretty easy on the eyes, I think.

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