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Thread: The Introduction thread - Introduce Yourself Here!

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    FORT Fanatic VeeJay's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    Southern Illinois
    Wow cool, I've been here a little over a month and I just found this thread. Hi everyone!

    Name: Violet.
    Age: 31.
    Location: Illinois.
    Occupation: Stay at home wife and mom.
    Marital Status: Married 13 years.
    Children: A 4-year-old son.
    Pets: 2 Zebra Finches Bob & Doug (The Mackenzie Brothers of Strange Brew).
    Favorite Shows: Survivor, Big Brother, Trading Spaces, Star Trek TNG, Emergency Vets, and pretty much anything that ends in "Story" e.g.: A Baby Story, and An Adoption Story.
    Hobbies: Spending time with my family, bird watching, reading, and I'm just learning how to play the mandolin.

    I absolutely love this site. It's a great to find a place on the internet where you don't have to worry about mean people.

    Thanks, V
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    A man can convince anyone he's somebody else, but never himself. - Verbal Kint from the movie The Usual Suspects

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    spoiler-free zone
    to the FORT luv4stephen, croftchrism, AndoraStar and VeeJay!

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    Wow, welcome to all the new people! Always so interesting to see the diverse backgrounds of everyone. From just out of college, to married with kids, and everything in between.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    Wow, welcome to all the new people! Always so interesting to see the diverse backgrounds of everyone. From just out of college, to married with kids, and everything in between.
    Agreed! I never got around to posting my own information, so here ya' go...hopefully I remember everything everyone else posted about...

    Name: Angie
    Age: 31, the age where everything starts going south. Literally.
    Occupation: None at the moment. I write freelance for magazines and was a reporter and newspaper editor, back in the good ol' days.
    Pets: Three cats-Frohike, Taco and Puppy. And one human male.
    Marital status: Uh. Ask him. I dunno.
    Hobbies: Reading, watching TV, talking to myself, playing with my two nieces...
    Favorite TV Shows: Monk, Paradise Hotel but don't tell anyone, Friends, Law and Order (all makes and models), Hack, various associated reality shows...

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    Sep 2003

    New here

    I have posted a few post here but I am rather new...I wanted to tell ya some about me and find out more about ya'll. I hope to get to know some of yas

    I am a 27 year old housewife with two wonderful girls (4 and 6). I live by Ft. Hood in Texas. I am the wife of a United States Soldier and darn proud of that!! My hubby is a Bradley Comander for the First Cav Divsion stationed here. I
    am from Ohio/Indiana, Born and was in Ohio until I was 11 then moved to Indiana. Where I met my hubby of 7 years. We moved to Texas about 3 monthes ago so we could be closer to Scott (daddy and hubby).
    I am an advide Buckeye Football fan(which kinda sucks cause being in Texas I don't get to watch alot of their games). Anyways thats a little about me..How about you?


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    I've posted here for awhile but just incase anyone was wondering.....

    Name: Hannah
    Age: 17
    Location: Ontario, Canada
    Occupation: Student O.o;
    Favorite Shows: Big brother, Paradise hotel, Joe schmoe
    Hobbies: Reading, watching tv, surfing online, listening to music, hanging out with friends o.o;

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    spoiler-free zone
    to the FORT YCan'tAngieRead, Crystal76
    and Tangerinejoy!

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    So here we go:
    Name: Susan or Lace (on-line name)
    Age: Older than spongebob but younger than Elizabeth Taylor's last hubby!
    Location: Somewhere in the Heartland!
    Occupation: Future Reality Show Personality
    Interests: Reality TV, Soap Operas, Reality TV, Computer Instruction, Reality TV, Men, Reality TV, CSI, Reality TV............Hmmm....sensing a pattern here!
    Marital Status: Single...again..........lol
    Pets: Sheesh...I pet lots of people. LOL Oh...I bet John means the 4 legged kind that purr or slobber when you pay attention to them. Ok...I am in the process of getting rid of a couple of humans like that. But, in her historical splendor...I had a kitty name Cleo that was with me for a bit over 20 years before she got really sick and went to kitty heaven.
    Kids: John...you have got to make these questions more specific!!! My only response is that there are none that I have given birth to....although there was this Fugue State about 20 years ago that I can't remember 9 months. Ooops...sorry...thought I was in the Soap Chat...lol. Ok..no kids that I have given birth to (that I know of...) but my current beau could qualify at times.
    Favorite Reality Shows: Any and all of them. I am a reality 'couch potatoe. Thank god for VCRs or I wouldn't have a life for staying home and being truly 'voyeuristic'. OMG - did I just admit that in public????? Thankfully I am in the safe haven of those others who have fallen prey to the same stuff!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nausicaa
    Awww...that doesn't bode well for Bonnie, does it? Hopefully, Clyde's death was from nothing violent.
    I do have an update on Bonnie----we thought she was going the way of Clyde as she was pretty sluggish for a couple of days, but she seemed to feel a WHOLE LOT better after she popped out SEVEN babies! Guess I wouldn't have been feeling my best either!

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    Hello Everyone, My nick is Cmore and I love to hear other opinions and views on a variety of subjects. I have complete respect for others views and opinions and love respectful debates.

    I am a reject from the TV clubhouse forum, where posting your opinion in any form of respectful manner can get your post moderated, deleted, removed or worse if you are not in the click or post anything that the Mods do not agree with.

    I always respect the moderators and members and this forum seems to be a welcome breath of fresh air, where people are allowed to respectfully post their opinions.

    My hat goes off to the management of this forum for allowing freedom of speech within reason and equal opportunites for all members. I hope to spend some time here and find some new friends.

    Take care and thanks for having me.!!!

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