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Thread: The Introduction thread - Introduce Yourself Here!

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    My two little angels RandysMom's Avatar
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    Oct 2002
    belleville, illinois
    First name - Jennifer

    Age - 36

    Location - Just a little East of St. Louis MO.

    Occupation - Systems Programmer - studing Elementary Education

    Favorite TV Shows - Survivor, ER, Friends etc....

    Marital Status - Married 13 years

    Children - 2 boys - 6 and 11 months

    Pets - 1 very old cat (TAZ) and 1 young puppy dog (Queenie)
    Don't Dream It....BE IT

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    Age - 25
    Location - Los Angeles, Baby!
    Occupation - Actress/Model
    Favorite TV Shows - The Bachelor & Big Brother
    Marital Status - No way....
    Children - Eeeewwwww! Not good for the body...maybe adopt one day....never thought about kids...to young for that!
    Pets - I Siamese Kitty, names ShaSha

    Hi everyone!

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    your ad here jodaar's Avatar
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    Sep 2002
    I never did introduce myself. Here's a few things you might not know about me...

    Age - 28
    Location - NE Kansas
    Occupation - newspaper reader
    Marital Status - 5 years
    Children - a two year old princess
    Favorite TV Shows - Survivor, Simpsons, Seinfeld (the 3 S's)
    Favorite Movies (& books) - LOTR trilogy
    Favorite Music - Wu Tang Clan
    Favorite Sports Teams - Red Sox & Raiders

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    your ad here jodaar's Avatar
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    Sep 2002
    Originally posted by John
    Welcome, Jodaar. How do you get an occupation like "Newspaper reader", and where do I sign up?
    It's harder than it sounds. I have a weekly quota & everything.

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    muddy amna's Avatar
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    Nov 2002

    Name: Amna
    Age: 24 (i'm a Gemini)
    Occupation: English teacher & freelance journalist
    Marital status: Engaged & getting married next month
    What I long for: World peace(SERIOUSLY!)
    I admit to: Being a diehard NKOTB fan, going to a Vanilla Ice concert (Manchester, 1991) & being scared of dogs
    Fav TV shows(current): FRIENDS, Amazing Race 3 etc

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    I'm new :)

    Hello, I'm new here, just discovered that this forum existed. LOL I wish I would have found it a long time ago. You all seem to have a good time here.

    Anyway, I'm Dar and I'm from Michigan. I'm a HUGE Survivor fan. I've been watching pretty much since the 1st Survivor (I missed a few episodes of the 1st Survivor). I have to say, Ken Stafford is my favorite.

    I've noticed that most, if not all, of you have pics under your name. I went to the FAQ section but I couldn't figure out how to add a pic. Could someone please help me with this? I have a pic that I'd like to use.

    Thanks and I really look forward in getting to know you.


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    FORT Regular Bonker's Avatar
    Join Date
    Nov 2002
    Dallas dahlink!
    Name: Mike
    Age: 34
    Location: Dallas Texas USA
    Occupation: Self-employed/ high school teacher
    Interests: wasting as much time as possible
    Marital Status: Married 2 years, stepdaughter age 7
    Pets: 1 dog, 2 cats, and something in the attic

    Dark secret - my wife and I own over 400 wristwatches between us and I don't even wear a watch

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    muddy amna's Avatar
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    Nov 2002
    Mike. You'll love it here!

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    name: joeguy
    age: two minutes older than ilikai
    location: reno nevada.
    occupation: building engineer for a local high school
    interest: fencing, golf,watching tv, tearing my truck up
    maritual status: yes, 6 years
    kids: sold them for science experiments
    pets: 1 basset i rescued, 1 male mineture aussie shepard. 1 female aussie shepard

    i enjoy, the shield, survivor, mail call, alias, crossing jordon, firefly. and most old shows to kill time. buffy and insearch of

    ilikai told me of this board after the one I use to hang out in turned into "morons or us", use to be a nice site, but too many idiots screwed it up. glad i found this place

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    name: xache
    age: 15
    location: singapore
    job: long suffering student (who isnt one before? i'd skin you )
    interest: anything that interests me. starwars. TARace. and slacking.
    pets: none at the moment

    that's about it

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