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Thread: The Introduction thread - Introduce Yourself Here!

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    Hi my name is Dawn and I am 26 I am origanlly from wyoming and now living in mississippi. I have 3 boys and am currently going through a divorce. I love church and activities with my kids and watching the Dog Bounty Hunter I miss my family they all live in Wyoming or Nebraska and that makes me far from home but I believe that god has a greater calling for me so as long as I am doing his will I will be fine

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    I'm Clare - From Adelaide South Australia

    I am 24 almost 25 in 4 weeks, I work Part time, engaged with a baby on the way (I am so excited)

    My favourite programs are: Will and Grace, Rock Star Supernova, Tru Calling and there are many more but it will be too much to write all of them down.

    I am new on the Fans of reality tv shows program.

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    Goddess of Looks & Books nliedel's Avatar
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    Aug 2005
    Ann Arbor, MI
    I've been here a while, but never intro-ed myself. I'm Nancy from Ann Arbor, MI. I'm active on this board (recent) and a cruise board. I only say that cause I've had some people ask.

    I'm a writer (romance) with a book coming out in December and some Chicken Soup pieces to my credit.

    Let's see, I do triathlons, but I'm old and slow so nothing major. I read, have four boys, 2,3,7 and 9 both adopted and birth.

    I have a Siberian Husky named Mani-Nana who is my best bud. I've been married for over thirteen years now to my other best bud.

    I'm 42. I'm having some major trauma over the middle age thing. I don't feel that old!

    I love reality tv. Girls Next Door, Big Brother, Survivor, America's Next Top Model, American Idol and Flavor of Love have all sucked me in at one time or another. Other than reality tv I watch CSI and Grey's Anatomy.

    That's about it. Except the avatar is me and it's a recent shot.

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    Name: Mesha
    Age: 41
    Location: California
    Occupation: Office Manager
    Interests: Taggin with Paint Shop Pro
    Marital Status: Single, not looking
    Pets: I have many cats... lol
    Favorite Reality Shows: Big Brother, Survivor, The Apprentice, American Idol to list some... but I love most all of 'em

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    Name: Draega
    I'm 34 and live near Columbus, Ohio and have been a huge BB fan.
    My main hobbie is computer gaming, mostly straegy games. My live in girl friend has recently started playing with me which is a big deal since she didn't play video games before she met me three years ago.

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    Newfie true
    Hello all,My name is newfie true and that is because I am originally from Newfoundland Canada.I hope by joining this forum I will meet alot of people with similar interests

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    I'm 32 and live in columbus, Ohio. I've been watching BB since day 1!
    Hobbies:computer geek, golf, soccer, volleyball.
    Occupation: Accountant
    Marital Status: Engaged
    Pets:1 dog

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    That's all folks! Unklescott's Avatar
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    Dublin, OH
    Another Columbus resident, eh? You didn't say you were a Buckeye fan which is surprising.

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    Hi.. Im from Europe... nice to be here

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    South Carolina
    So many new people!

    to everyone.
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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