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Thread: The Introduction thread - Introduce Yourself Here!

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    Name : changmi
    Age : 15
    Location : Daejeon, Korea
    Favorite reality shows : ANTM, Project runway, American Idol

    Hi^^ I'm Korean. Nice to meet you !!
    America's reality programs are broadcasting in Korea^3^
    I especially like ANTM!!
    ANTM4, Project runway2, American Idol is broadcasting in Korea
    I cann't English well.......T-T

    Is English often written?.....;;;;;;(Under translator use)

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    May 2004
    Welcome changmi.

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    Jul 2006
    Fort Worth, TX
    * My name is Leanne.
    * I live in Fort Worth, TX. Grew up in Longmont, CO.
    * My current "job" is President of the Arlington Heights High School Band Booster Club. (full time job!!)
    * I have one child, a 15 y/o son, Tyler, who plays flute/piccolo in the band.
    * I also play the flute.
    * I have a Boston Terrier, Bella, and a cat, Feebee.
    * My hobbies are all things crafty. (Beading, mosaic, scrapbooking etc.)
    * I am a reality tv addict!
    * I especially love Big Brother! I also like ANTM, SYTYCD, DWTS, and Survivor.
    * I love this site! (FORT) It has the most reliable and up to date info I have found. LOVE IT!!!!! [/U]

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    Name: Shell0417: Michelle

    Location: Vermillion, SD

    Birthday: April 17

    Occupation: graduate student, completing my PhD in clinical psychology

    Interests: love to read, crochet, kint, ceramics, play with my dogs, camping, hiking, movies

    Favorite reality shows: Survivor, BB, Real World, Laguna Beach/The Hills, American Idol

    Married: for just over a year

    Kids: not yet

    Pets: gray striped cat named Lily, 2 year old yellow lab Sandy, 8 month old black lab/border collie named Max

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    Hi i don't really know what i'm doing on this site.....but "Hi"

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    Hey, I'm Katy, and I'm here because ANTM and Project Runway and Survivor are the best things that have happened to TV. I'm an art model for my photographer friends, and am a bit of a fashionista. Sociology entertains me quite a bit, and that's probably what got me hooked on reality TV in the first place. I'm a premed student and an avid science geek... and, yeah. That's about all I can think of for now.

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    FORT Newbie Tarheelmax's Avatar
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    Aug 2006
    South Carolina

    Just thought i would register, because it seem like i'm here everyday...lol
    This has the best BB threads online :-)
    Thanks to all the watchers :-)

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    I'm Kate.

    I live in Connecticut and am a retired programmer/analyst.

    I joined in hopes I'd get info/help on Treasure Hunt. It's been fun, but a little frustrating. More fun if I can interface with others working on clues.

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    Apr 2004
    Charleston, SC
    I just read a few posts from Myrosiedog in the Koffee Klatch thread regarding her recent move. She was a little surprised by her new neighbors lack of welcome. They haven't acknowledged her or her family at all. So far.

    I have been the aloof neighbor.

    I figure, better late than never. You can always decide to do the right thing,even if it IS a little (or a lot ) late.

    So. With that being said, I would like to take this time to give a huge WELCOME to all of you new FoRTers!!! This place is like a cocoon to retreat to. A place that you usually find accidentally while searching for info on your favorite show, but end up coming back again and again. Not just for the tv talk, but the people.

    I hope you all decide to stick around and add your opinions and advice as well. My favorite thing about this little community is that virtually every age group, ethnicity, lifestyle, state, country, point of view, etc. (you get the idea) is represented here. Wow. There's a lot to learn when you have such a unique and diverse group of individuals who ALL actually have something in common. The FoRT.
    Go Tigers!

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    Aug 2006
    Name: Cazz
    Age: 30 something, lets just leave it at that
    Location: Ireland
    Marital Status: Married
    Pets: 2 Kids
    Favorite TV shows : BB, Survivor, Lost, 24, Prison Break & a few more but I now sound like I have no life other than TV LOL

    Ummmm cant think what else to say except Hi

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