Hi FoRTers! As you've probably already noticed, the staff here is working on a number of initiatives to help improve the quality of the website. As part of that effort the Mods are working on clarifying the guidelines about how we do things here. We'll be updating everyone as to our efforts with threads in this forum, changes to the site's FAQ, and the occassional Announcement to the whole site. Like the cover of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe states: "Don't Panic" as things are copacetic at the FoRT. We're just adjusting to the fact that the site is a little bigger than we had originally expected and we need to adjust to accomodate all of our members while still maintaining the high standards we value at this site.

Here's one item that we've recently addressed and added to the site's FAQs.

Contestant Newsworthy Event Threads

Generally all topics of conversation pertaining to a particular current reality tv show contestant are to be included in the contestant's thread for the show. There are certain "newsworthy events" however which will merit starting a separate thread for discussion. Examples of such events include Rob and Amber's wedding, news of a contestant's drug bust, some piece of savory gossip revealed about a particular contestant, etc. We only encourage separate threads for "major news events" involving a contestant, which would be something covered by more than just a local or regional newspaper. As always, links to other news sources must be provided if an article is quoted. All "breaking news" on the particular event should be incorporated into the same thread for the newsworthy event. Please search the forum to make sure that there isn't already a thread for the particular event before starting a thread.

As introduced in another thread in this forum, we now have a site "suggestions box" here so feel free to let us via this route (or your standard PM to a Mod) if you have any questions or concerns.