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Thread: Server loads, etc.

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    Server loads, etc.

    The previous incarnation of the FORT was heavily tweaked to handle a large number of users and run extremely quickly. This new one is not yet tweaked. Because of this, you may find our site bogging down with not too many users on, etc.

    I'm working on this, and because of the changes I need to make, I will occasionally have to restart the database or apache, so you may see some various error messages throughout the weekend. They will only happen for a minute or two, and then they'll go away.

    Thanks for your patience as we get things back to normal.

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    John, you do whatever you need to do with no apologies. Your true FORT friends understand. STUFF HAPPENS! Keep up the good place and I want to send a check to you this coming week. I found an address in an old post, is that still the place?
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    Everything seems to be running smoothly. Once again, thanks for all the hard work.

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