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Thread: We're back!

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    J/J for the win! DJeterFan's Avatar
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    Nov 2003
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    Oh, okay. Guess it didn't come up for me. That would have helped the extreme withdrawl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eny
    I just have to say thanks to John again for the hours and hours of hard word to bring us back together in our happy little addiction.

    Thanks for your tireless efforts to get us back to our old site. It was fun running around in the new temp site, but there's no place like home.

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    the tiedyed one tomboy's Avatar
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    May 2003
    groovy Vancouver
    Thanks John! Add me to the "never-knew-how-much-I-loved it 'til it's gone" camp. FORT withdrawal is not a pretty thing! Ah, but now I can get my fix again.


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    Just sayin'... football_chick's Avatar
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    Thanks John for all your hard work! I hope you know how appreciated you are

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    FORT Fogey
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    A Permanent Thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by John
    Yay for us, no real data loss. We kept our posts, pm's, forums, avatars, smileys, etc.

    I believe I said a big, fat "THANK YOU" over on the temp site, but didn't realize that I missed saying it here, too.

    So let me take a moment to say a huge, heartfelt "THANKS SO MUCH" for getting this place up and running so well again, so quickly and perfectly.

    I will rest easy at work this week, not worried about the state of affairs at the FORT, so I won't be sneaking on here during the work week!

    THANKS AGAIN for all you have done and did and continue to do for us FORT addicts!!

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    FORT Fogey BubbleBunny's Avatar
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    I know I'm just repeating what everyone else posted, but THANK YOU SO MUCH! The temp site wouldn't even work for me so I was totally lost! It's kinda pathetic how relieved I am that the site is back on, lol. Sorry for posting sort of late!
    A recent survey stated that the average person's greatest fear is having to give a speech in public. Somehow this ranked even higher than death which was third on the list. So, you're telling me that at a funeral, most people would rather be the guy in the coffin than have to stand up and give a eulogy.
    -- Jerry Seinfield

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    would rather be cruising! marybethp's Avatar
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    and can I also add that in my frenzy on the internet when the Fort was down, I came across a few reality TV message boards. Can I say thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping this a PG-13 board. The language and obnoxious filth on some of the other boards I've read made me really appreciate this place. Listen, I've been known to drop the F-bomb more than once, but it's just nice to be in a place I feel okay to have my 6 year old trying to read over my shoulder

    I'm sure you're sick of the Thank You's but I will say it again. THANKS!

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    I'm glad to see that you guys got your board back. I was lurking on your temp board, since my home reality tv board was down also....Wonder if it was the same hacker?

    Any way, glad to see you guys are back too!!!

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    Welcome to FORT Crazie!

    Not a hacker at all apparently. Hope you stick around here as more than a lurker!

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    FORT Fogey famita's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    Oh, man.....John, you are the absolute absolute! You are the top top! Thanks for the care you took in fixing things for all of us! We appreciate everything you do!

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